I am ANTIFA and proud of it.

Donald Trump and his fascist supporters in the United States have been complaining about the antifascist and the radical left causing the recent troubles in the U.S.A. Listening to that guy complain about the antifascists and the radical left can make me feel warm and loved all day. Where he got the term antifa from is my only question?

I have been part of the radical left since my early days in politics. My only problem is that I cannot find a truly radical-left-wing group to join in Canada today. I think there were more of us when I first joined Canada’s liberal party. One of my first projects for the party was helping produce the Liberal Action monthly paper.

There were those who laughed at the effort but Medicare was one of the elements of left-wing policy that we successfully pushed. I remember the distain right-wing liberals such as Mitch Sharpe showed for my efforts. Yet, in the long run, it was Medicare that won.

More recently it was the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) that appealed to us on the left. We saw CERB as a first step towards a guaranteed annual income for Canada. At the next meeting of the federal liberals in Canada (hopefully after the pandemic is over) we should see a strong push by both the parliamentary wing and the rank and file to make Pharmacare and a guaranteed annual income liberal party policy.

But listening to Trump extoll the virtues of ‘antifa’ is really heart warming. I guess he refers to us as antifa because he realizes that there might be lots of Americans who also disapprove of fascism. As part of the radical left, I try not to frighten young children with it. The only fascism that the world has really seen in action was in an Italy, Germany, Romania, and in Spain during the last century. I mention the four examples because all the regimes failed.


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