Trump’s Progress.

Has it occurred to you that president Donald Trump might be faking his bout with Covid-19?  It would certainly have to be an elaborate ruse. There would just be too many weak links. He could probably never pull it off.

But just think. What if someone had come up with a mild strain of the coronavirus and salted the White House? Or something that presented like the coronavirus and had everyone fooled?

The very worst thing that could happen is to have Donald Trump back in the White House in two weeks, healthy as a horse and in his usual form. Just think of him being ready to double down on his first debate.

It would take him no time at all to convince his clique that it was all a scheme by those antifa and hard left radicals who are out to get him.

But the more interesting situation will be if he loses the election anyway. This guy could never win a sympathy vote. His followers have little sympathy to share.

It is also hard to contemplate him having white-supremist supporters taking up his call for election watchers. That could open up to violence at polling places and an incomplete election process.

We can only imagine how Mr. Trump might be enjoying his respite at Walter Reed military hospital. The presidential suite there would make an excellent contained site to plan the take-over of America and turning it into a fascist regime.

Mind you, we are only exercising our imagination here.


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