The wondrous recovery of Donald Trump.

You have got to hand it to the boys and girls over at Walter Reed military hospital. They had a cure ready for their leader when he needed it. How many do you know who have suffered from the coronavirus and told you that there is no need to fear a disease that has already killed more than 200,000 Americans?

It just goes to show you that Donald Trump is invulnerable. No silly masks for the Trumpster. He can laugh in the face of a deadly illness. Did you see the number of medical personnel getting the credit for this miraculous cure and taking their bows outside the army hospital?

Fie on me for suggesting that the president’s little bout with a fever might be a faux covid-19.  All along, these intrepid military medicos had the secret to a cure in their back pocket. It is a shame they are not prepared to share the secret of that cure with those countrymen and women suffering more seriously.

But Trump is back in the White House and the stock markets are rising. Just wait until the next presidential debate, He will teach that upstart Joe Biden not to call him a clown! He will teach him not to try to talk over him when he has so much to say.

But there are other questions to be answered. How is Melania? Is the first lady feeling better? Or looking better?

And what about all those White House insiders who might have got inside the coronavirus? Are they going to get the same miracle cure as the president?

Did you see the clips of the president taking a victory lap around Walter Reed hospital in an armoured SUV? It was hard to tell how he looked as he waved at the admiring crowds.

And here you were thinking the real miracle would be in getting Trump re-elected?


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