Ford cures covid-19 numbers.

Premier Ford of Ontario has a salesman’s way with numbers. You want fewer people with covid-19 from the coronavirus, he gives you lower figures. He can even flatten the curve.

The secret is in the number of tests. He has it all figured out. He has found that he who controls the number of tests can make the numbers of covid-19 casualties go up or down. He can even tell you if the curve is flattening or not.

It is simple statistics. If you do 100,000 tests of people who have an incidence of one case in every 1000, you will have close to 100 cases. When you complete only half the number of tests, you are more likely to have half the number of cases of covid-19.

And if you want everyone to have a happy Thanksgiving in Ontario, just close those testing centres in high incidence areas of the province. That could be as simple as telling people to book an appointment for a test and when they call, leave them on hold until they give up.

But please do not ask Premier Dougie how many people are celebrating Thanksgiving at the Ford Household this coming weekend. Until the premier has checked with his wife, he has no idea how many Fords will gather at the premier’s household.


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