The insecure Donald Trump.

Look at that son-of-a-bitch standing up there on the Truman balcony of the White House. Thinking about it, you wonder why this boor would insult every previous president of the United States of America by using the White House so irrespectively. And then you smile. You know why. He is afraid of losing.

This guy is in fear of losing. He would do anything. He would try anything. He desperately wants that second term. And the guy’s not stupid. He is a lot of things. Stupid is not included.

What confuses people is that he lies so much. He appears to live in a fantasy world that would believe him. It used to be one of the things that confused me about his followers. They know he lies. They seem to be alternately acknowledging the lies and being amused by them.

Talking to an American university professor the other day who voted for Trump four years ago, he admitted that he was not going to vote for him this time. He has had enough of Trump.

But then he told me, he was not going to vote for the other bastards either. This shows the real problem. American politics has grown so corrupt over the years that people are now believing everything they are told about how corrupt it has become. Both sides are to blame. And until, people start to get serious about cleaning up the mess, nothing is going to change.

A friend on Canada’s wet coast told me the other day that democracy is nothing other than the governance with the consent of the governed. I am still thinking about that and other delusions about democracy.

What really scares me about Trump is that he does not even believe in democracy. He envies his friend Vladimir Putin in Russia. Trump wants a fascist regime. Give him four more years and he has got it.


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