Will there be a Trump library?

We all know that Donald Trump has not been your traditional president for the United States. Despite his oddities, we should still mark his single-term presidency with more than the thousands of tombstones from the novel coronavirus or the hundreds of children still searching for their parents after being incarcerated in cages to show off his stopping of illegal border crossings.

What is being suggested is something more than a triumphal arch to mark his winning the battle of Lafayette Square. We must never forget the image of Trump and his generals sallying across the cleared-out park by the white house. What will amaze scholars in the future is that it was all in aid of Mr. Trump wanting to show off his religious hypocrisy.

But the objective of a library is to promote knowledge and learning. What would be better for little Harold than to be taken to a library of the greatest liar America has ever had as president. “You see Harold, you could never come up with as many lies in four years. Why would you want to be known as the second biggest liar as president?

While there were few presidential papers produced during the Trump presidency, there must be a substantial number of presidential briefing papers that he proudly said he never read.

And then where else would American golfers go to see the world’s largest collection of creative golf scores. Maybe the library could be at the Mar-a-Lago Resort, president Trump’s weekend retreat in Florida.

Mind you there is a plan rumoured for Mar-A-Largo to be headquarters for the Trump International Green Earth Society. This would be a monument to president Trump’s concern for the environment. The Green Earth Society is planned to launch right after Mr. Trump makes America great again.


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