Trump battles grief and the ocean tides.

As though commanding the ocean tide, the imperial Donald Trump continues his petulant arguments about his electoral college defeat by Joe Biden. No doubt his efforts to nullify the election are just another step in a life of dishonesty and delusion.

But Trump is still in the denial stage. With two months to go before he must vacate the White House, there is little time for him seek revenge on the democrat replacing him. Firing faltering supporters might satisfy him briefly but there is little time left for any loyal replacements. Or, maybe the question is, are there many loyal ones left?

What is impossible to say is what the stages of grief are for a person such as Donald Trump. While he is still in the denial stage, the question is will he move on to a stage such as anger? Or does anger override all the symptoms of his loss?

Trump has certainly been on a high for the past four years. The loss of his position is not supposed to be as serious as a loss of someone close to him. There just does not seem to be anyone close to him that he would care as much about.

This guy is not going to settle for just being called ‘Mr. President’ for the rest of his life. He wants to keep the power. While he might attempt it, there is a bargaining stage to grief but this is a man who is above that. He does not bargain, not with the Devil nor God, nor any democrat.

And it is hardly likely that author Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was thinking of the same situation when she wrote about death, dying and grieving. We cannot be sure but it is highly unlikely that Mr. Trump concurs. He would deny he is grieving. He would most likely prefer to get even.

What he is left with at this time are the stages of depression and acceptance. Frankly, he already seems depressed. It is just that he would have no idea of how to reach the stage of acceptance.


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