Parsing Pierre Poilievre.

Pierre Poilievre, conservative member of parliament for Carleton electoral district in the Ottawa area of Ontario, has described himself as a political junkie. He was born and educated in Alberta, worked for politicians such as Jason Kenney and Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day. He came east to find a riding that could be won despite his French name.

But he is still an Albertan and appears to think of the current prime minister’s father as the Great Satan. Poilievre impresses us as sitting on the extreme right-wing of Canadian politics—in seeming contrast to conservative leader Erin O’Toole’s talk of finding a middle ground for the party. Maybe Poilievre would be happier with a leader more like U.S. president Donald Trump.

But Erin O’Toole seems not to notice his finance critic’s flirting with extreme right-wing conspiracy theories and consorting with fake news.

Poilievre is currently running a petition to “STOP THE GREAT RESET.” He must think ‘the great reset’ means something other than the need for fresh thinking after the pandemic is over. Many politicians are concerned about those in our societies who have been most harmed by the pandemic. The great reset is nothing more than ideas for bringing these people more into the mainstream of our societies.

But an extremist such as Poilievre has no interest in these concerns and can ignore their plight. This is a guy with a political objective that could even include the prime minister’s office in Ottawa.

It has been fascinating watching him on Zoom in the pandemic parliament. He is one of the few MPs to appear on Zoom with full television make-up, professional back-ground set and lighting. He is not missing any opportunity to look sharp and seek greater fortune.

The only problem is that he still comes across as a mean little bastard. We do not wish him well.


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