UK Teeters at the Precipice.

It seems like a long time since the United Kingdom has had any real leadership. This Brexit business is a dog’s breakfast. Every subsequent leadership aspirant has made a bigger mess of it. Now we are down to the wire with that pathetic guy who looks like he chops at his own hair with the garden clippers. He is called Boris. If it was not for the hair, he would be boring.

If anyone ever needed a Boswell, it is this particular Johnson. He thinks of himself as a stuntman rather than a prime minister. He is an allegory of a politician rather than a real one. He is hardly a popular populist.

And he has a short time left to exit the EU with his pants. Johnson plays with fire as he tries to play partner to the Union while accepting none of the responsibilities. He thinks he can fish in their pond but nobody can fish in his pond. He has never heard of ‘quid pro quo.’

In the UK, they call it a hard Brexit. It is what the Brits deserve for their bigoted, irresponsible, close-minded, ‘I’m alright Jack’ vote to leave the European Union. It is hardly what the Scots and Northern Irish had bargained for and they will probably jump from the U.K. back to the EU at their earliest opportunity.

It is a sad ending to the glories of the once-great British Empire. It must have been for old times sake that Canada has signed a trade deal with the U.K. It just shows how important it was that we forgot to pass it into law before parliament broke for the Christmas holidays recess. (I guess we will get around to making it official sometime next year.)

But it is embarrassing that we have a better considered deal with the rest of Europe than we have with the U.K. Oh well, we are still part of the old Commonwealth you know.


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