Black’s pal Trump.

If Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star had not raised it, I never would have noticed. It has been about ten years since Conrad Black was released from prison in the United States and deported to Canada. Obviously, he is more comfortable holing up in Toronto’s Bridal Path area in a $20 million plus mansion. I am of the opinion that Canada should have deported him to England a long time ago.

Since president Trump pardoned Black and has more recently pardoned some of Black’s co-conspirators, I guess we are not supposed to call Black a felon and jailbird anymore. And after all, he never was convicted of anything in Canada.

I assume Black has been doing Zoom appearances on the American right-wing talk shows or something in support of his friend Donald Trump. It was no surprise when Hepburn reported on this feature in Conrad’s life—competing with Rudy Guiliani as to who is Trump’s BFF.

Hepburn tells us that Black is appalled at the way Americans are treating his friend.  I guess news of the second impeachment of Donald Trump is not included in Black’s daily read of the National Post.

But then we gather that Black does not believe Trump incited all those deplorables to riot in Washington last week. He considers the rioters as something other than Trump supporters. He also believes that is disgraceful for the republican party leadership to be deserting Trump in this time of Trump’s greatest need.

After all, Black seems to believe that the democrats stole the election and that Trump’s tales of voter fraud last November had merit.

It is obvious that at 76, Black should retire the spotlight and try to eke out a reasonable style of living with his wife Barbara and his last $100 million. It is tougher and tougher for us seniors these days. Have you seen the price of caviar lately?


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