Going where no politico dares to go.

It always amazes me when some politicians will wade into subjects about which, they know nothing at all. It is what can get them in trouble, most of the time. Take Justin Trudeau’s supposed expertise in vaccines. It is like the other day when he was assuring parliamentarians that he talks regularly to the CEOs of the vaccine producing laboratories.

What does he talk to them about: their golf scores? You need more than a few lessons in pharmaceuticals to try to understand the complexities of developing vaccines for a coronavirus that attacks the respiratory system, and can kill.

And for the laboratories to be as far ahead of the expected curve in developing more than one vaccine is amazing in itself.

The bad news is that no firm has ever developed a new product that did not have any production problems, shipping delays, storage problems or arguments about priorities. Add another month.

But people have now heard about it and they want it. Too bad instant gratification is not available in this case. Best you listen to the promises of when you get your shot(s) and add two months.

And you can be sure there will be as many queue jumpers as there will be anti-vaxxers who would rather die than get a needle in the arm. Add another month.

What causes the most hilarity is the idea of getting senior military people to organize the injections for us. The first move is to get us all to march in columns and in-step. Add another month to teach generals that civilians are neither obedient, in-step, easily sorted, organized or that any new product arrives on its promised schedule.

If you have ever wondered why all political people sound alike is that their party leaders’ offices spend a lot of time writing answers to questions that might embarrass the party leader. The leader and all his party sing from the same songbook. They might sound stupid but it seems to work.


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