In the cause of Canada.

It was an interesting program on Steve Paikin’s Agenda last week that was co-sponsored by TVOntario and the Toronto Star. It was on Canada’s prospects in sustaining its democracy. The thought was that the same pressures that affect American democracy eventually get to Canada.

Well, that thought is likely to be wrong. And when you start with an invalid premise, your conclusions are likely to be slipshod as well.

The United States has already suffered its Incompetent-in-Chief and, in our own way, we are suffering from the same problem. Four years ago, the United States, rejected the old politics and brought in the irresponsible Donald Trump.

At least, the Americans knew they made a mistake. Canadians had opted for the unknown Justin Trudeau, at that time, assuming he might have some of the wisdom of his father. Instead, we got his mother.

But Trudeau’s liberal party was not the only one struggling to find good leadership. Neither the conservatives nor the new democratic parties were coughing up competent leaders.

The American system of government has a way of breeding competent leaders. They have more swimmers in that pool.

The Trump aberration was simply that. It was an aberration created by Americans’ frustration with racial strife, unfettered capitalism, and class differentials. The American melting pot had finally melted. And they quickly found out that Trump was no solution for their democracy.

I wish I could say that Canadian democracy has also found some answers but we seem to have a way to go.

The first thing our parliamentarians need to do is find a way to bring the unfettered prime minister’s office to heel. We have too many unelected people in power in this country. Provincial premiers also have too much power.

Americans can, at least, amend their constitution. So should we.


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