Never upstage your leader.

Pierre Poilievre MP appears to have been demoted in the conservative ranks in parliament as it heads toward a possible spring election. Little boy blue might have made the political mistake of upstaging his leader. The member for Carleton, in the Ottawa area, has been having much too much fun as finance critic, attacking the liberal government for its supposedly spendthrift ways.

Poilievre can be nasty, when it comes to critiquing. He seems to be really enjoying himself when he goes in for the metaphoric ‘kill.’ Like a weasel, he might be deceptive in size but still deadly.

And he has taken to the Zoom parliament like a duck to water. He was among the first to appear to have put up the false background filter on Zoom, with professional lighting. This Calgary-born conservative does not miss a trick.

With his hair neatly coifed and wearing an impeccable conservative suit, with a blue tie, Poilievre has been keeping his leader, Erin O’Toole, in the background. It makes the voter wonder just who is the leader here?

It is just too bad that Poilievre comes across to voters as mean and Scrooge-like. It would never do for his leader to take baggage such as that into an election campaign. He needs a potential finance manager such as Ed Fast, MP for Abbotsford in British Columbia. The grandfatherly Fast was a cabinet minister in the last Harper government and would be expected to get a senior portfolio in any future conservative government.

And poor Poilievre has been relegated to carping on the liberal’s failure to produce the industries and jobs that Canadians need for financial recovery after the pandemic—at least in the view of the conservatives. And he will have his work cut out for him as the liberals roll out their multi-billion plan for critically-needed infrastructure roads and bridges and transportation.

What makes his job even tougher is that it seems none of this liberal benevolence will be coming forward until after the election. It leaves Poilievre tilting at windmills.


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