Waiting for vaccination.

It is a stay-at-home vacation.

Using depression medication.

And booze for self-realization.

Gotta get back to civilization.

Need in-person conversation.

The wife came and looked over my shoulder to see what was holding up my commentary for today. She shook her head and said, “I don’t think your readers are ready for that.”

She could be right. I also think people are tired of the ‘Tales of Trump.’ They are annoyed with all politicians who are so useless in a pandemic. They want prime minister Justin Trudeau to get a shave and a haircut. They want conservative leader Erin O’Toole to be honest for a change. They want the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh to grow a pair. They want Yves-François Blanchet of the Bloc Québécois to work for Canada, not against it. They want green leader Annamie Paul to join a real party and do some good.

It is as though politics in Canada these days is living in a Twilight Zone. We are but pawns betwixt the federal and provincial governments. Newfoundland and Labrador cannot even run an election through a typical winter or a pandemic. Quebec just wants to be different and it is. Ontario has an asshole premier who opens up at wrong times, shuts down at wrong times and is really getting us bunged up. The Prairies are our wild west and we still haven’t got a decent premier if you put the three together. And that leaves beautiful B.C. covering our backside.

And no, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I. are not forgotten. I think of them as orphans we adopted years ago and we do not remember why. And do not get me going on trying to make provinces of our northern territories.

Canada has a world-wide reputation that is not always deserved. To those who think we are nice; we are grouchy today. To those who think we are welcoming; do not bet on it. To those who think we are land of opportunity; you better be an old white guy with a million bucks ready to turn into a fortune.

But for me: I am an optimist. I always have hopes that our politicians will rise to the needs of their voters. And how can you not love this lavish land and all its peoples?


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