Liberalism Betrayed.

You hear it too often. It is the jerk who tells you that they are socially a liberal and financially a conservative. Does that mean that you want to do the right thing but you do not want to pay for it? Is this like the idiocy of the conservative budget recently in Ontario? The treasurer stood up in the mostly empty legislature and proposed accumulating an increased debt of $33 billion with no new taxes. It makes you wonder how stupid a conservative can be.

It is beginning to look like this pandemic is the biggest rip off of all time. The richest among us are having a field day—earning profits by just being wealthy, while the weak and vulnerable among us are being kicked into the gutter.

Why do we keep hearing that the fix is in for rapacious Rogers to acquire Shaw Communications? What does two billion buy you but a guarantee of the highest profits ever for the triumvirate of telecoms in Canada.

And what are these complaints we hear about the supreme court judges usurping the rights of our elected politicians. Has not the prime minister made it clear to the world that we are a country of law? If parliament is writing ill-considered laws, are not the judges entitled to rule on them?

But where did the sunny days disappear to? We thought Winter was behind us. What happened to the promises of Justin Trudeau? Has voting reform been forgotten in the cold of reality? Is the prime minister forgetting the promises of environmentalism? Is equality of the sexes only for those women parliamentarians who do what they are told? Can the PM be an elitist? Can his family not benefit from the WE charity and friendships with the rich and famous?

And why does our liberal leader spend far more time asking Canada’s liberals for money instead of their opinion?

In this time of the ravages of a pandemic, in this time of concern for all, why are so many being forgotten? What ever happened to the decency of liberalism?


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