Locked down or locked up?

It feels like being kept after school because some one else broke the rules. It feels like a piling on of detentions. Now premier Doug Ford has added another four weeks of lock-down for the entire damn province. It never would have happened if the jerk had known what to do in the first place. Why have we been listening to that blowhard?

Covid-19 is killing more people in Ontario every day. The government is putting temporary wards in army tents in hospital parking lots. We have already killed close to 8000 people. Would you not just love to introduce those covid-19 deniers to some of the dead we have not had time to cremate yet?

But this pandemic has already frightened enough people. We grumble but we put on the masks. We try to maintain safe distance from others. It is the young people who think they are invincible. The older ones are just scared. Even those of us who had that first vaccine shot are worried about when we can have the booster? Who told Ford that we can wait four months for it?

Would you not like to nail former prime minister Mulroney to a fence post for allowing Connaught Labs to be sold to the Pasteur people in France? Now Canadian governments are paying Pasteur millions to bring production of vaccines back to Canada. It will sure make a big difference if and when we get another pandemic. Next time, maybe we will put our own people first.

What is particularly infuriating is that premier Ford says he is listening to the experts but the news media always come up with experts with differing opinions. Maybe Mr. Ford needs better experts. Maybe Mr. Ford is part of the problem. People seem tired of his announcements that he is going to have an announcement and then the announcement is not going to come into effect for a few days.

Most of Ontario is tired of Mr. Ford’s bombast. If we are going to come through this pandemic, we certainly need better leadership.


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