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Can a conman cure a coronavirus?

Friday, March 27th, 2020

U.S. president Donald Trump is impatient with the progress in curing covid-19. As a perpetual con artist, he will grasp at any straw as a solution. It is his nature. It is what also makes him a continuing pain in the ass in politics.

Trump is deluding his followers and nobody else listens to him. He has a feeling for a random solution—when the World Health Organization is showing 465 studies in process in reputable hospitals and universities around the world. He wants the solution to be found in America. Does he want his country to profit from the solution? The rest of the world could care less who comes up with the solution. Just do it!

And the Donald thinks the solution to covid-19 will be found by Easter?

Even if we found the answer today, we could not have the first plant manufacturing the serum ramped up to full production before the end of April. And then ‘boys and girls,’ you can be out playing together in the sunshine?

The only good news in that scenario would be that we could have Mr. Trump out of office and a new U.S. president inaugurated as soon as next January.

But turn the tables and consider the problems if we have not solved covid-19 by November? The democratic convention could be no problem. All the voting and hoopla can be live streamed into the computers and TVs of the nation. There is no need for any democrats to meet face to face.

But Americans would be left with the problem of Donald Trump. If we have not reached the turn-around on the pandemic by then, the silly bugger might think he has to cancel the election. Ponder that!


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Trump trumps a coronavirus.

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Which would you rather have, Donald Trump or Covid-19? Life is certainly a series of difficult choices, is it not?

At least, the nincompoop in charge at the American White House has changed his tune, a bit. He is starting to use some words of concern.   Whoever got to him and convinced him that a pandemic is a serious problem should be kept around to advise the president more often.

Up until now, the only American officials recognizing the seriousness of the coronavirus have been health experts, the seriously underfunded, Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and some state governors and mayors. Last time we saw Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York on the news, he looked like he had seen a ghost. The man could not have been more serious about the outbreak.

Governor Cuomo has called out the national guard to set up a one-mile radius containment area around a serious outbreak in New Rochelle. The area has been put in quarantine for 14 days.

If Americans could just establish a containment area around the White House until this virus has been defeated—or longer—the country might have a chance. As it is, the country is plunging into recession because of Mr. Trump’s mismanagement. The cruise ship industry might never recover. They have just found out why bigger is not necessarily better.

And nobody seems to want to fly anywhere these days. Airlines are contemplating bankruptcy. Every human endeavour seems to be on the hit list. The pandemic attaches to everything we want to do together. From primal relations of men and women to singing Halleluiah in our cathedrals, we are infecting each other.

We can forget for a while what large conferences and entertainments are like. Though I do think we might make an exception for Mr. Trump’s rallies. The denier-in-chief has misled and misdirected his country long enough. If his devotees want to swap viruses with each other, why would we object? Just do not stretch the American health care system beyond its limits.


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The hope for America: Bernie Sanders.

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

Win, lose or draw, Bernie Sanders has shown his country the way. To Americans, their country has always been the stuff of unfulfilled dreams. It has been the country that could have been. It has sunk into the acidic bog of capitalism gone rampant under Donald Trump.

Is it not time to rescue that American dream? What of the promise of the colossus in New York’s harbor? Nobody believes that Bernie Sanders can do much in his first four years in the presidency. It will take years to repair the damage of Trump. It will take a willing and eager Congress. It will take drastic measures to wrest control of U.S. politics from the effete one per cent.

But president Bernie can enact a proper single payer Medicare. It is worth fighting through Congress. Let the Canadians admire the American system for a change.

He can also work on restoring America’s foreign relations that Donald Trump has put in the dumpster.

Bernie could certainly end the knee-jerk support for Israel that has been destroying that small country. He could end the stupid wall that insults all Mexicans. He could bring decency and openness back to helping the world’s refugees.

These are things that Joe Biden cannot do. Biden is tied to the past. Bernie can see the future. Besides, Biden is leaving himself committed to the right appointments for the democratic party also rans who are scurrying to his side for the upcoming convention. They are just more commitments to the past that Biden does not need. Even Michael Bloomberg, with all his wealth, would probably love an appointment as ambassador to the Court of St. James. Bernie brings few such pieces of baggage to the job of president.

What Bernie Sanders brings is the will to do the job that must be done. He will bring the United States of America into the 21st Century.


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Bridging the American Divide.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

The democratic party achieved a breakthrough of sorts last weekend in Las Vegas. It was a win for leftist Bernie Sanders and was the first clear indication of why Sanders is the answer to Trump. It also looks like the first proof that the old-time democrats need to draw up their sphincters and recognize that social democracy is their future.

For the first time last weekend, we saw Latinos, blacks and other thinking Americans coalesce behind the man who believes in the same type of America as they dream about. It is these Americans, as well as youth and women standing up against the billionaires of privilege.

Bloomberg’s billions did not impress them. Trump is but an entertainment for the vacuous of middle America. Trump seeks to divide people while social democracy can bring them together.

No country should ever allow its billionaires to define it for their own greed. A nation is for the benefit of all peoples and their future.

But be warned. The stronger the delegate strength that the Sanders team can put together, the stronger will be the democrats heading home from the convention, committed and together vowing to rid America of the scourge of Trump.

It will be a new beginning. It will be an executive of government by and of the people. It will spell an end to the challenges against women’s rights. It will open opportunities for the forgotten of America. It will mean government-run Medicare for all. Nobody left behind.

Americans could usher in a new beginning without bigotry, without discrimination and prove once again to be a leader among nations. It will be a world where America is listened to and respected, Americans will enjoy a new security, a time to look beyond that daily search for trust in today and the future.

In the four years of the Sanders Presidency, there will not be much time but it will herald a new attitude. It will give the country time to reform its politics and decide what is important.


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Major moments in life.

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

No doubt each of us has had one or more major moments in life that help to define us. I was wondering about that during the recent State of the Union address by Donald Trump. It seems to be one of his many excesses that define his presidency.

I thought he reached the ultimate in political overdoing it when he introduced one of the few remaining Tuskegee airmen from World War II in a U.S. Airforce uniform whom he had promoted to (honorary) general.

What was wrong was that the general is 100 years old and Trump was so obviously pandering to the black vote.

In an interesting counterpoint, Trump also had his wife on the balcony to put a medal on radio trash-talk host Rush Limbaugh. While we can all sympathise with someone newly diagnosed with cancer, Limbaugh has really had enough years of preaching to the ignorant of America. When he goes to meet his maker, let us hope that the Lord does not pitch him back.

In each case, Trump had overdone it. It was like the rest of the overly long and less than accurate spiel that was not so much the state of the nation as the state of a sick and deluded mind.

You listen to Trump for a while and you expect his next claim to be that he made the sun shine. Yes, people are working in America. Many are employed at jobs at below a living wage. They are working at jobs that make money for Mr. Trump’s fellow climate change deniers. Millions are still working with no guarantee of health benefits.

Many Americans seem unaware that a critical part of the state of their nation is its relations with other countries. While there was reference to trade and the new deal with Canada and Mexico, there was nothing to help Americans understand the North American pact.

Frankly, Mexicans have a right to be more than annoyed at the continued insults to their country by Trump and the building of his fence. He has earned a reputation for the U.S.A. throughout the Americas for being bigoted, cruel and selfish. America does not do well by Donald Trump.


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The motivated American voter.

Saturday, February 8th, 2020

You do recall, do you not, that the voter turnout that elected Donald Trump president four years ago, was the lowest turnout in a presidential election in the past two decades? When less than 60 per cent of voters make the decision in a presidential election, there is lots of room for change in the next. Nothing is guaranteed.

What confounded the politically knowledgeable in that last election was that we did not expect the Trump supporters to have the numbers, the expertise or the information necessary to get out their vote. And they really did not.

But what little impact they had at the time was more than offset by the failure of the democratic party to motivate its base. And, do you really think that base is not going to be motivated this time? We like to assume it, but we simply do not know that yet. As they say, a lot of water will pass under that bridge before we know the answers.

The democratic party is currently mired in America’s archaic and corrupt presidential candidate selection process. It looks like Pete Buttigieg is the first break through in the geriatric wall of Biden, Sanders and Warren but whether he is the answer remains to be seen. He certainly has to make nice with blacks to go anywhere.

But there are many pieces of the puzzle to be put together before you can even make a dent in Emperor Trump’s armour. He is a stranger to the truth and it will not set him free. He is a danger to peace and he abuses America’s friends and allies. He belittles women and uses them. The more lies he tells his followers, the more they drink of his Koolaid.

Politically, we know Trump will fail. The question is, will the democrats succeed? Will they come together and get behind their party’s choice? Will they have a clear, concise and understandable platform? Will they get out their vote? Will they win the undemocratic College of Electors?


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Can an atheist claim ‘divine right?

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

This might not be a theological question. How can a well-known American lawyer stand in front of the senate and the nation and tell us a man elected by the self-serving rabble of America, is really the choice of God? When Alan Dershowitz defended Donald Trump in his senate trial by claiming that he was not guilty of abuse of office because of his divine right as president, he held the country up to ridicule by the rest of the world.

But the problem with God selecting Mr. Trump to be the leader of the world is not for him to be the next Noah and build an ark. Donald Trump is the flood.

Thankfully, the white house will not float. Nor will any of the Trump pleasure palaces up and down the east coast of America.

The last English-speaking person to be defended on the claim of divine right of kings was Charles 1 of England. A week or so after using that defence, Charles stepped out a window and they chopped off his head.

Since they stopped beheading kings with delusions, we have been more practical about this divine right business. What it comes down to in today’s world is a basic contract. If you choose, or a party chooses you to run for a certain political position, there is a usually a defined role applied in that position. Nobody gets a carte blanche to do as they wish in any position. It would not make sense.

The theory is that the public purse pays you a defined amount during the contract to carry out the job. No matter how high up the position and generous the salary, nobody pays you to break the law. There is no place in this contract that allows God to intercede and bestow additional powers on you or enable God to forgive you your crimes.

We do have to admit though that Donald Trump has led something of a charmed life. There are people who consider him a thief and a scoundrel. He is a womanizer and person who has been known to scoff at those who obey the Ten Commandments. Maybe, it is about time, God got in a few licks of His own.


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The newest ‘persecuted class.’

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

It has always been amusing that the news media make a point of having reporters on hand who represent this persecuted class or that one. They are always at the ready to claim that the racial group or demographic they represent is being persecuted by the presumed powers who are running things. What is amusing about this is what I have always thought of as the Pogo Effect. This is cartoonist Walt Kelly’s creation from the Okefenokee Swamp. Pogo is a possum who has met the enemy and discovered that ‘It is us.’

But we saw the ultimate conclusion of this thinking the other day. It was in a detailed explanation of the quandary facing the republican senators in the Trump trial. A senior Washington bureau chief of a Canadian newspaper was saying that the newest persecuted class in the United States is republicans. Standing in the vanguard of this class is the much-pilloried Donald Trump.

And now tell that to a kid from a hardscrabble childhood in downtown Toronto. Please do not tell me about the vagaries of life and the feeling of rejection. Ill-fitting, hand-me-down clothes and a bad haircut are just as identifying as skin colour and the shape of your eyes.

But we hardly need a tag day for American republicans. The republican senators in Washington are a self-serving lot. Their masters are the real climate-change deniers. They are the spawn of John D. Rockefeller’s oil barons, the coal exploiters who are destroying the Appalachian Mountains, and the military-industrial complex who thrive on the rumours of war. And more to be pitied are the adherents to this warped and dying concept of right-wing politics spreading like a disease across the continent.

History will not be kind to the Trump presidency. It will be a dark blob on the story of a once-envied nation. A nation that is being reduced to a ‘could have been.’


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Trump’s guilt is not the question.

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

What kind of trial is this in the U.S. senate chamber, where the rules are controlled by the jurors? Does a trial matter if people have already made up their minds? Can ordinary citizens be satisfied with a moral victory? Can the voters be satisfied with a sham? Maybe it is a question of whose strategy you buy into.

The Democratic party senators and representatives are going for the high ground. The house of representatives has already impeached the president. It is now in the hands of the higher court in the senate. Very few have to be convinced to make history.

But is not the real jury the American people? The more the republicans obfuscate, the greater the swing in the vote in November. There are republican senators on the knife edge. A democratic majority in the senate will also be a game changer.

The constant quandary for the republicans is how far they dare go. How short can they keep this show trial? How much can they deny? Is there no point where enough is enough? Is there no point where the evidence convinces?

Sure, the defendant will continue to deny. Everyone knows he lies. His followers admire him for it. They will take the Trump denier over the democratic reality any day.

The defendant is not at his trial. He is not facing his accusers. U.S. president Donald Trump is at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Just what he could contribute to the discussions of world economics is a puzzle. What he might gain in understanding from the conference, to the benefit of America is open to question. He contributes not. He learns nothing.

It is no surprise that he keeps telling the world news media at Davos of his displeasure with the proceedings back in Washington. He is petulant and self obsessed.


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The terrors of Trump’s testosterone.

Monday, January 6th, 2020

You never know what you will read in the Economist. Just the other day I was reading about the lower levels of testosterone in modern American males. Despite the changes in diet and the higher levels of male obesity, this is probably good news for the Me-too movement. Let’s face it: Modern men are wusses.

Except Donald Trump. The president is old school. He used to brag about grabbing what he wanted, whenever he wanted some. It sounded more like locker-room talk than civilized discourse between gentlemen. The difference was that he paid for his wants and ladies who did not like his advances or tired of them, seemed to have the opportunity to leave a bit richer. As some ladies have been heard to note: He might be a pig but he can be a generous pig.

Like it or lump it, this pig is more equal than other pigs (according to George Orwell and some republican senators).

But as men age, their testosterone levels tend to lower. Donald Trump is a septuagenarian. He might not be up to the game quite the way he used to be. And that can make some older men cranky. In fact, Mr. Trump might be the crankiest American president in U.S. history.

Just look at Trump the other day when he, in a fit of pique, so gleefully sanctioned an Iranian general. The Donald was so happy, he was embarrassing the boys and girls at the Pentagon and enraging the professionals at Foggy Bottom (U.S. foreign affairs headquarters). Wouldn’t you rather he just took a Viagra?

There is no way of telling where Trump’s next excursion into foreign affairs might lead him. He just sent thousands more troops to the Middle East. Their only problem is that their leaders have absolutely no idea just who they are there to fight.


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