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All Americans need decide Trump’s fate.

Monday, September 30th, 2019

It seems undemocratic for Congress to decide the fate of the American president. As self-serving and as obnoxious as president Trump might be, he was the choice of American voters. They should decide his fate.

As a relatively impartial Canadian, I make this suggestion as I am as concerned for democracy in my own country as I am for democracy in America. History shows us how easy it has been for democracy to be set a side. Democracy is never guaranteed. It needs watchful citizens and politicians. It needs the support of the courts.

The first sign of trouble in a democracy is a falling off of participation at the polls. If people are prevented or discouraged from voting by others, it is an abuse of process. If people lose interest in voting, it is a sign of not caring or believing that their participation is a waste of time. This worries me in the United States as it does in Canada. Both countries are trending down in voter turnout.

What has always surprised me is the propaganda spread around the world by America as being the ‘Land of the Free’ and the assumption that it is the world’s most successful democracy. I think I will wait until national elections in the U.S.A. are under the control of a truly neutral body, instead of state officials, before applauding. In many states in the U.S., political gerrymandering has become something of a fine art and an embarrassment to the country.  And Americans will only get a gold star for common sense when supreme court judges are chosen for their lack of bias instead of their political leanings.

But the point of all this discussion is the concern for impeaching Donald Trump. I have absolutely no use for the man but I feel that the people need to make the decision. By doing so, they will recognize the power of voting. Congress can make a mess of the decision. If they succeed, they will save a few months of Trump but you cannot tell me that Mike Pence in the White House would be any better. For that man to be in office for even those few months, until the January, 2021, inauguration of a new president, could be painful.


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Trump tramples on our territory.

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

The other day something caught my eye on the opening page of Microsoft’s browser. The company was doing a survey to find out why people dislike their MSN News. I did the survey, but I was reaching for different ways to spell ‘crap.’ This is news lifted from news-gathering people. Microsoft takes no responsibility for the authenticity.

The other day, they even had some Canadian news among the Hollywood trash. It was an item about president Donald Trump commenting on the current Canadian election. It was a lift from U.S.A. Today and, in it, Trump says he has always had good relations with Trudeau. And if you believed that, you could be sitting on the moon eating all the green cheese you want.

You always know when Trump is lying. He is moving his jaw bone.

The truth is that Trump has always been jealous of Trudeau. He hates him for his good looks and youth. He resents his ease in speaking French and he was obviously annoyed that at the recent G7 conference, French president Macron and Trudeau could chat in that language and leave Trump out in the cold.

And Trump also knows that the Canadians bested him by simply holding their positions in the recent free trade negotiations. Trump had obviously been advised by his negotiators that what they got was all they were going to get and there was no reason to prolong the negotiations. Trump does not like losing. He does not like Trudeau.

Donald Trump’s kindred spirits in Canada are people like Doug Ford, premier of Ontario, Jason Kenney, premier in Alberta, and Andrew Scheer, whom Trump wants to see win the current Canada-wide election. These are much friendlier people who would support him next year in what is shaping up as very iffy election for Trump.

Mind you, I expect that Trump’s chances next year are about as good as the chances of Microsoft becoming a respected news source.


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Mr. Trump’s Fascist Following.

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

It was a heavy-set woman who could be in her 50s in the crowd, as the camera scanned it, that caught my eye and had also caught the attention of the camera person. She had an enraptured look on her face as she screamed: “Send her back.” It was just another disgusting scene from one of the Trump rallies in America that the man has to have to reassure himself.

She wore a Trump T-shirt and a red cap that said ‘Make America Great Again’ but it was easy to imagine her in the traditional German dirndl, standing by her Mann. It is strange but I still have a very young memory of Adolph Hitler screaming in German on the radio just before the Second World War. I would swear that you could hear his spittle hitting the microphone of the era. And I was afraid.

It has been something of an unwritten rule that we do not compare Trump and Hitler. The comparison can be frightening.

And it is not the men themselves. They are very different, with different upbringings and careers. The similarity is in their followers.

The point is that there is very little difference between the fascists who follow the two men. And it is in their collective ignorance that they shall be led. It is in their ‘born again’ ability to follow hollow heroes. It is in their acceptance of what they have to know are lies. Welcome to a frightening Middle America.

Trump is the American gun culture run rampant. It is in the misogyny of the biker cult. It is in the anger of oppressed and impoverished blacks. It is in the wink-wink ‘Green card’ of cheap labour, the belittling of what are considered lesser races. The fascists stand by a man who tears apart families and puts children in cages. It matters little what they think of him. What do they think of themselves?

Americans will long rue the corruption of their political system that allowed this madman access to power. They will rue their bigotry and how they were used by someone with a very different agenda.


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Playtime with Donald Trump.

Sunday, June 30th, 2019

It seems reasonable, with all his other problems, that young Donald Trump’s parents had to pay other children to play with him. And to this day, he still seems unable to deal with more than one playmate at a time. The problem is evident in the revolving door at the White House as he tires of the same familiar faces. It makes it difficult to understand where he is at with other world leaders.

This week he has been at the G-20 meeting in Japan and had a full dance card. He headed straight for Xi Jinping, president of China, to assert that they are the top dogs at this meeting of the powerful. Canada’s prime minister had already built on this thinking by asking Trump to intercede with Jinping in regards to the Canadian hostages being held by the Chinese in retaliation for the arresting of the Huawei executive in Vancouver for extradition to the United States.

The only problem with his promise to Mr. Trudeau was the famous Donald Trump attention span: it is very limited. Did he or did he not remember? Was he be reminded by one of his aides? This is a life or death matter and it is hanging by a thread. Canada’s prime minister entrusted this message to someone with the attention span of a gerbil.

Or were the U.S. aides more aware of their president’s need for allies for a possible war with the Iranians? If he does talk someone into a new Crusade, will he stick to it for long? What is his attention span when it comes to war?

Frankly, Canada would have been better off cutting an off-line deal with the Chinese. Since Canada was sitting side by side with the Chinese at the general sessions, there were some opportunities for a quiet chat with Xi Jinping. A little quiet horse trading at this meeting would not be all that unusual.


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The tired triteness of Trump.

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

American president Donald Trump is wearing thin. He is the stand-up comedian who does not know when to leave the stage. There is not much you can say about him that is new or enlightening. When Martin Sheen played the role of president in The West Wing, the dialogue was always fresh and exciting, well written. There is no question but Mr. Trump needs better writers.

This new guy, the comedic president of the Ukraine, is going to make the Donald look like last year’s model. This guy knows how to handle Russia’s Putin—make fun of him. That stiff-necked nogoodnik will not have a clue on what to do about ridicule.

But the democrats in the United States have a different problem. Not everyone and his dog should assume that Donald Trump will lose in 2020. The democrats need a leader in his or her own right to take on Trump. They need a candidate with something to offer. Youth is not enough. Wisdom is not enough. Even though, young and smart would be a good mix to start.

Mind you, the stupid, grueling, corrupt way that Americans run their politics puts any candidate at risk.

And forget the impeachment. What good would it do? The Trump show has less than two years to run. There will be three moons in the sky before the republican senators impeach a republican president.

Why would anyone want to swap Trump for a republican who knows what he or she is doing? Who is left who has not felt the bitter sting of conservative politics? Who else do you want to insult and harry at America’s borders?

Why are the democrats hemming and hawing about the new North American trade agreement? Do democrats also distrust neighbours?

When pressed recently on the tales from the Mueller Report, Trump’s hillbilly press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders explained that she is not a robot, like some democrats. That is too bad. A robot could certainly do a much better job.


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The triumph of Trump.

Friday, April 12th, 2019

It is hard to believe the sizeable and immoral segment of American public opinion that supports American president Trump. There are pollsters who are now telling us that everybody loves a bad boy. And they say there is no badder boy than The Donald.

This is not just sad. It is pathetic. It is the fiction of the bloodied spouse who wants to be beaten. It is the rapists’ #metoo movement. Trump demeans men as much as he demeans women.

Trump takes human testosterone to new levels of bestiality. “Grab them by the genitalia,” he tells the locker-room crowd. His long red tie hanging below his belt buckle is an imaginative metaphor for his penis.

But it is not just Trump who is in question here. How does this crude man make America great again? Great at what?

The sadistic billionaire has it backwards. America is more of an object of derision than it has ever been before. The clamouring at the southern gates to this hell reflects the relative horror of what these migrants left behind in hopelessness and murder and starvation.

To follow such a cretin with no compassion is to just become his next conquest. You know he is an evil person, a whoremonger and a bigot. What are you born-again as?

And what is it that will bring America back to respect? Not just respect from the rest of the world, but respect for itself? In a land that routinely shoots its children and the innocent, you can celebrate after church this Sunday by buying another gun.

George Washington gave America a country. Theodore Roosevelt gave it heroes. Franklin Roosevelt gave it pre-eminence. John Kennedy gave it a future. What the hell is Donald Trump giving it? A social disease?


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Walls Fail Us.

Friday, March 29th, 2019

The last time we dealt with the subject of walls, we received a scholarly comment from a monarchist on the efficacy and history of the Great Wall of China. Since that was not the point I was trying to make, I was somewhat at a loss to respond. I took it with good grace and thanked the gentleman for his comment.

But the truth is I think walls are for losers. I look at the crumbling walls of the castles of Europe and I see no need for such dull, damp and dreary abodes. And as the Berlin Wall was built and fell within my lifetime, I believe it presents a cautionary tale for people who wish to build walls against other people.

To me, walls in the 21st Century are a waste of time and effort. They are an anachronism in a world of technology. From the day that Berlin was divided by fools celebrating victory, people flew over the barriers with impunity.

Walls do not just fail, they insult. They belittle their builders more than they protect them. They waste resources. They are a form of bigotry. They are for the selfish and self-serving. They deny freedom, they deny dignity and they deny the rights of democracy.

And do not tell us about the walls of hate the Israelis have built against their neighbours. These are an abomination. They are built by Jews who deny the honour of those who died fighting for them in places such as the Warsaw Ghetto.

Good fences might make good neighbours but a wall is a statement of hate. President Donald Trump will go down in infamy as the most hateful of American leaders. Donald Trump is a bigot, a boor and a narcissist. He dishonours his countrymen and women. His wall denies the very freedoms promised by America.


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A note from a neighbour.

Sunday, March 24th, 2019

“The depths of winter are about over and it will soon be time for spring clean-up and to lean on our rakes as we catch up on the neighbourhood gossip. I see that there has been little progress on that southern wall you have been promising. You would not need the wall if your Uncle Donald would stop frightening the neighbourhood children. While you are at it, please get him to shut down the Air B&B he is running in your White House.

“Mind you, if this is going to be another summer of your Uncle Donald exposing himself in the Rose Garden, there will be trouble in Paradise. And that boy band with which he practices heavy metal music (steel and aluminum) is annoying and you better do something about it sooner than later. We have a new North American Free Trade Agreement to sign off and breeches in the agreement such as tariffs are a no-no.

“Sure, we can be sympathetic to the problems of looking after a septuagenarian such as Donald but he does Tweet some awful nonsense. Has this child-man ever had to deal with the truth? It seems to be something of a foreign language to him.

“Does your Uncle Donald think he is a fascist? The only people he seems to want to help are his rich friends and dictators. I hardly know what he would ever possibly say to a poor person.

“And, as much as I hate to tell you this. Your Uncle Donald is a bigot, and a braggart, and a bully. I do not think there was ever a more heart-wrenching exodus of people from troubled countries than we saw heading north last year for the promised land of America.

“But there was no promised land, because Donald Trump thinks he is the Pharaoh. The only way those people are ever going to make it to America is to hide their children in bushels of Mexican produce and the adults in the trunks of those expensive American automobiles that are made in Mexico.

“But your Canadian neighbours have their own problems. They have discovered that politicians lie. I bet you knew that already.

“We are already driving north from Florida after a winter of golf with your Uncle Donald. See you soon.”


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“But I have promises to keep.”

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders knows where he is from. He went back to his roots in Brooklyn, New York last week to launch his campaign against the presidency of fellow New Yorker Donald Trump. At 77, senator Sanders is likely to be the oldest person bidding for the Democratic Party nomination.

But the democratic socialist would probably just quote poet Robert Frost and close the discussion of age with the famous line “But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

Nobody doubts that Bernie Sanders can likely defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 elections. In fact, many are firmly convinced that the fatuous Donald Trump will defeat himself.

The real job for the next president will be the task of healing the harm Mr. Trump has done to the entire world. He has trashed America’s reputation. He has lowered expectations of fairness. He has favoured his friends and hurt the poor and struggling. It is hard to say where the job of the new president needs to begin.

But the hardest work begins at home. America is a land divided. It is a land rife with the hypocrisy of privilege. It desperately needs electoral reform. It needs cooperation between the administration and both houses of Congress.

America must restore its fairness with its allies. It has a critical leadership position in world affairs that requires care, compassion and continuity. It will be a radical change from the confusions and concerns of the Trump presidency.

The difference in this democratic race from the one four years ago will be that Bernie Sanders will not be the only voice from the political left. He drew a lot of interest and enthusiasm for his policies and proposals last time and voters will be looking for a better understanding of them this time around.


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Time to grow up Bernie Sanders.

Friday, March 1st, 2019

It’s okay. I can say that to him. I am a Canadian and am also a democratic socialist. I understand his problems. And Bernie Sanders is too old to be President of the United States of America. He was showing the strain last time he ran against Hillary Clinton for the nomination. He did a good job of pulling her to the political left. He made Americans pay attention to the ideals of democratic socialism. He made it clear that the government’s job is there to serve the people—not to serve special interests.

But he has a far greater task open to him. It is not that he needs to admit that he cannot win the presidency from Donald Trump. Defeating Mr. Trump is the easy part of the job. It is whether he has the ability to work with and mentor a younger person who can offer democratic socialism and leadership and a better future to a divided nation. This is the person needed in the White House. It is the person who can help build a better United Nations. This is the person whom the whole world needs to firmly guide and rebuild the American role in world leadership.

Sorry, it is not you, Bernie. The job is hardly just to rid America of Trump. This job will need a solid eight years of hard work just to make the country whole again.

Americans no longer know what truth means. They have been lied to for too long. The American reputation around the world has been trashed. The American dream has to be made a reality, again.

America is still one of the richest countries. It should be a leader in social reforms—free medical care as well as prescription drugs, free tuition all the way to post-graduate studies, and the guarantee of affordable shelter for all. A full life in a land of liberty is the ambition of people around the world. It needs leaders who know the way.


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