NORTH-SOUTH: Commentaries on the 2008 Elections

Americans and Canadians are going to the polls.  There are more similarities in their situations than there are differences.  Both countries are seeking to unseat leadership from the hard right wing.  The economies of both are unsettled by looming recession, extremes of oil prices and laissez-faire attitudes towards the steady loss of manufacturing jobs.  And yet Americans are faced with a tabloid-driven campaign that ignores the economy, confuses the issues in Iraq and ignores America’s lost leadership position on the world stage. At the same time, Canada, “the peacekeeper” is losing a war it is ill-equipped to fight in Afghanistan, listening to band-aid solutions to real problems and fighting over long-term priorities in preserving the environment.  We all chase the leadersip ghost; something we all talk about but nobody has seen recently in North America.

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