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Our fearless leaders fix the gun problem.

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Did you not see the sign as you drove into town that handguns are forbidden? That is part of the announcement that the government is banning assault rifles and municipalities are at liberty to ban hand guns. And does that make sense to you?

Frankly, it is stupid.

Yes, assault rifles should be banned. Automatic weapons do not belong in homes and assault rifles do not belong on hunting trips. No ifs or buts about it. No serious hunter wants their venison salted with high velocity bullets from an AR-15 assault rifle. It is also dangerous for other hunters. A bullet from an AR-15 can be deadly a kilometre from where it was fired.

But any cop, on any street, anywhere in Canada, will tell you that the biggest problem is hand guns. Hand guns are used to commit murder. And, according to the prime minister and his expert on kettling Canadians, hand guns are being left to the by-laws of municipalities—if their province allows it.

This is the most asinine bill that the mixed minds of Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair can come up with! This is not a liberal solution. This is a coward’s way of failing to solve the problem.

The person who smuggles a hand gun across the border from Murder Inc., U.S.A. is as guilty as the fool who pulls the trigger.

When what we need are serious fines for careless collectors, Blair /Trudeau are willing to spend millions of our money to buy their banned weapons from them. Those weapons should be confiscated. The only purpose of assault weapons is to kill as many people as fast as possible.

And leaving municipalities across Canada to ban hand guns is a pitiful joke.


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The unindicted Bill Blair.

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

It took them a long time to start to redress the wrong and they still have not got it right. Here it is ten years down the road and the only people we are confident are being compensated to date are the lawyers. The G20 summit in Toronto in 2010 has often been described as “the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history.”

And the man in charge at the time is now Canada’s minister of public safety and emergency preparedness. It is a travesty that the person in charge can pass the responsibility to underlings and escape blame for his failure to properly direct his police.

With the already largest municipal police force in Canada, Blair’s police were augmented by federal, provincial and municipal forces from across Canada. It was this massive force that stood off and allowed rampant destruction in downtown Toronto. Fools and anarchists ran amok smashing store windows and burning police cars. In the end, it was mainly innocent bystanders and gawkers who paid the price of illegal detainment, search and incarceration.

The illegal kettling of innocent bystanders the next day was in retribution for what the police had allowed downtown the day before.

And where the hell was Toronto police chief Bill Blair? While he later acknowledged to the citizens of Toronto that the actions of his officers were his responsibility, Blair has never apologized for his failure to act for Torontonians on their behalf.

The G20 that summer weekend will go down in Canadian history in unison with the Winnipeg General Strike as an egregious breach of the rights of Canadians.

Many Canadians would like to know why Justin Trudeau has chosen Blair for election as a liberal MP and for positions at the cabinet table?


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But who’ll fix the marijuana mess?

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Swearing in the new cabinet at Rideau Hall was a painful process. Maybe it would have worked better if all the retreads with the same portfolios got sworn in together. It was only the cabinet changes that the media and public wanted to examine. And I, for one, think a cabinet member should get one thing right before he (or she) gets a chance to screw up more serious matters.

I’ll bet you think I am going to bitch about Carolyn Bennett being kept in her ineffectual role of looking after aboriginal affairs. Well, I am not. I figure if the various councils and tribes, and pow-wows and reconciliations cannot come to grips with our aboriginal needs and wants, who am I to complain on their behalf.

While I am willing to give the new cabinet an opportunity to show its stuff, I do have one small caveat. I think that people such as Toronto’s Bill Blair should clean up the mess made in his pot-promoting lily pond before he goes on to more serious responsibility in a larger pond.

And what idiot thinks a police background is suitable experience to become a spy master? I think Bill Blair is the last person who should ever be in charge of intelligence. Admittedly, the Canadian Intelligence Security Service has always been a bit of a tongue in cheek affair but it is hardly a bunch of Keystone Kops! CSIS relies heavily on technology today to give it the leg-up it has among intelligence operations.

Blair has none of the technical background necessary to discuss clandestine surveillance in Five Eyes meetings. He is just not the sort of person you trust to protect our rights and freedoms. He was the person in charge of the police who broke trust with Canadians in June, 2010.

But the latest problem we have with Blair is the crock-up he has made of marijuana sales across Canada. By not understanding basic merchandising and a marketing rollout, he set the provinces up for a marketing disaster. I think it is fair that Blair should wear the dunce cap for the pot problem.


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