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Is M’Lord Bored?

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Lord Cross-the-Pond must be bored with his visitor status in Canada. It is not as though he does not have a suitably palatial estate in Toronto’s Bridal Path area for his retirement. I think Conrad Black gets bored easily.

Many would accuse me of being jealous. I am, a little. I will even admit that Conrad is a good writer. The ten-dollar words simply fly off his fat fingertips. He does not seem to write to inform. He writes more to impress. He also must have some rich friends willing to publish his erudite tomes.

He does not bother to have anything as mundane as his own website. I would suspect that he would consider such enterprise to be beneath him. And, after all, even Karl Marx had his Friedrich Engels to pay the publisher’s bills.

But Conrad has eschewed his epic biographic tomes recently in favour of writing his manifesto. He calls it, somewhat presumptively, The Canadian Manifesto. While I could come up with a reasonably long list of people, I would consider knowledgeable enough to discuss Canada’s constitutional needs, Conrad would not make the list.

And when he let the media have a go at chapters from his book, I went into shock at his solution to poverty in Canada. His solution bears a striking resemblance to Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake.”

Black actually thinks the very rich Canadians can solve the needs of the country’s poor.  I cannot think of people less well equipped.

He proposes a wealth tax that would actually be credited to the wealthy person’s income tax—if the wealthy person did something to help the poor. Now is that not a dainty dish to set before the hoi-polloi?

Conrad seems to think that when politicians take money from the rich and give it to the poor, it is merely as a bribe to vote for the politicians who gave them the most. I wonder if he thinks corporations that pay stockholder dividends are bribing the stockholders?


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Conrad loves Donald.

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

It is hard to think of two people more deserving of their mutual admiration. Both Conrad Black and Donald Trump think the American President is a wonderful guy. And Lord Cross-the-Pond Black has written another coffee table tome to hopefully prove it.

As book number 47 (or so) by friends and foes of the Trump legend, this one will have to be considered friendly. You should find it in the fiction section, rather than biographies. It will be remaindered soon. The only question with Conrad Black is whether he has the hots for Melania Trump or would he just like to cuckhold his friend Donald. And would Donald care?

What gives us the best laugh is Conrad’s opening question: he implies that Donald Trump epitomizes America. That is the cruelest, deepest insult to America I have ever read. Like most good insults, it borders on the truth. Trump’s vulgar braggadocio can hardly be denied. Yet Trump has never understood his connection with the Eisenhower highways to America. It is the hoi polloi of the red states that restore him.

But when Conrad suggests that Trump shows a common touch, you should try not to choke on your mint julep. Conrad would not know a common touch, even if it grabbed his ass.

And you should not be fooled by Conrad waving his prisoner number. His sojourn in an American prison was not among the common drug dealers and rapists but among the elite in what Americans call ‘Club Fed.’ These are casual lock-ups for accountants who get greedy. It was a prison such as that where Al Capone was incarcerated and still able to run his criminal empire.

Conrad’s greatest hypocrisy is in regards to Donald’s treatment of the news media. The claim that the media are ‘flaccid’ is no thanks to Conrad’s career in helping destroy the qualities of journalism, dictated by the North American model. By turning the previously locally owned media into centrally printed copies of major city values, Conrad helped destroy trusted communications in rural America. Good communications is based on understanding your audience.

As Lord Cross-the-pond enjoys his retirement here in Canada as a visitor in Toronto’s palatial Post Road enclave, he continues to show that he can still put a few words together in a literate style. What his opinion is worth, is another question.


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Lord Black lauds buddy Trump.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

You get the feeling that there could be another boring book by Lord ‘Cross-the-Pond’ in this. Yes, Conrad Black came out of seclusion on his Toronto estate the other day to promote another book that will look good on your coffee table. He told the news media that his raison d’etre for the lordly appearance was to defend his pal Donald Trump. He managed to both insult and needlessly flatter his Global News interviewer while name-dropping throughout an argumentative interview.

Black’s text for the interview was that his close pal Donald Trump is not a fascist. He actually appears to believe that the pompous ass is going to be a very productive President of the United States. In a rapid series of name-droppings, Black explained that his good friends, the Clintons and members of the Bush dynasty had raped and pillaged the scene in Washington for much too long and his pal Trump would certainly fix things.

The interviewer (Toronto-based newsman Alan Carter) remained stuck in the groove that Trump might be a fascist. He did not seem to understand that one takes considerable risk in arguing polemics with the likes of Lord Black. Wiser heads in discussing the Trump phenomenon see him as more of a laissez-faire capitalist than a fascist.

Trump’s only serious fascist trait has been in the use of the big lie as introduced in the 1930s by Hitler’s information minister Doktor Josef Göebbels. President-elect Trump seems to have cottoned to the idea that if you tell an outrageous lie often enough, some people will eventually accept it as the truth.

Oddly enough the counter point to the Conrad Black interview was the earlier interview on the Global Television Focus Ontario program with Doug Ford who has also just published a book on Ford Nation in memory of his brother Rob. Doug Ford comes across as something of a rube in comparison to Lord Black. You get the feeling that both of them should jump with both feet into the Conservative Party of Canada leadership.

You want redemption, Conrad, there is your chance.

You want redemption Doug, there you go.

Oh poop, we forgot the citizenship problem. To our knowledge, Conrad is still not a Canadian.

Oh well, he could get a work permit as a temporary foreign worker and act as Dr. Leitch’s campaign manager. If that did not stir the pot, we would at least be assured that her literature is grammatically correct.


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