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The saccharine sweetness of Andrew Scheer.

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

After watching Conservative Party leadership contender Andrew Scheer M.P. on Global’s West Block program last Sunday, it felt like you were coming down from a sugar high. You wonder if that guy can ever rid himself of that grin. The wife liked him at first but after a full six minutes of it, she had tired of him. She realized that he had nothing to say.

This writer used to talk about the Bobbsey Twins of the Harper government. They were the cabinet twins of John Baird and Jason Kenney. The Bobbsey Twins of the post-Harper era are MPs Erin O’Toole from Ontario and Andrew Scheer from Saskatchewan. Both are from the far right of the party. Both would be equally at home among libertarians.

But in the current leadership race, they are cancelling each other out. Scheer is the darling of the Conservative caucus and Alberta and Saskatchewan Conservatives. O’Toole might be from Ontario but he has mined the easier ore bodies in Atlantic Canada and even won Peter Mackay’s blessing.

Neither is a leader. The reason they are in the top seven in the race is their blandness. While neither has to talk for long to position themselves, they are offering a short-term solution to the party. They are both more or less promising to do a balanced job through the next election, lose gracefully and then fall on their sword to make room for a real leader.

While both might have a substantial number of votes among people filling out their ballot down to the tenth choice, the counting might not get that far. This race should be decided by the time the computerized count gets down to dropping off the eighth losing candidate. Do not forget that this decision will be made by the accumulated second, third and fourth choices of the people who first voted for a loser.

And when you figure that the first four almost sure to be eliminated in the counting will be Rick Peterson, Andrew Saxton, Deepak Obrai and Brad Trost, you realize that they will not have many second and third votes to distribute to the remainder. It might not be until maybe nine of the original 14 have been eliminated that a winner emerges.

But before you do any more mathematics, you have to remember that each of 338 electoral districts has 100 points to share among its party membership. This is one of those “fair” voting systems that the special parliamentary committee rejected last year. And how much trust do you have in it?


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Lord Black lauds buddy Trump.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

You get the feeling that there could be another boring book by Lord ‘Cross-the-Pond’ in this. Yes, Conrad Black came out of seclusion on his Toronto estate the other day to promote another book that will look good on your coffee table. He told the news media that his raison d’etre for the lordly appearance was to defend his pal Donald Trump. He managed to both insult and needlessly flatter his Global News interviewer while name-dropping throughout an argumentative interview.

Black’s text for the interview was that his close pal Donald Trump is not a fascist. He actually appears to believe that the pompous ass is going to be a very productive President of the United States. In a rapid series of name-droppings, Black explained that his good friends, the Clintons and members of the Bush dynasty had raped and pillaged the scene in Washington for much too long and his pal Trump would certainly fix things.

The interviewer (Toronto-based newsman Alan Carter) remained stuck in the groove that Trump might be a fascist. He did not seem to understand that one takes considerable risk in arguing polemics with the likes of Lord Black. Wiser heads in discussing the Trump phenomenon see him as more of a laissez-faire capitalist than a fascist.

Trump’s only serious fascist trait has been in the use of the big lie as introduced in the 1930s by Hitler’s information minister Doktor Josef Göebbels. President-elect Trump seems to have cottoned to the idea that if you tell an outrageous lie often enough, some people will eventually accept it as the truth.

Oddly enough the counter point to the Conrad Black interview was the earlier interview on the Global Television Focus Ontario program with Doug Ford who has also just published a book on Ford Nation in memory of his brother Rob. Doug Ford comes across as something of a rube in comparison to Lord Black. You get the feeling that both of them should jump with both feet into the Conservative Party of Canada leadership.

You want redemption, Conrad, there is your chance.

You want redemption Doug, there you go.

Oh poop, we forgot the citizenship problem. To our knowledge, Conrad is still not a Canadian.

Oh well, he could get a work permit as a temporary foreign worker and act as Dr. Leitch’s campaign manager. If that did not stir the pot, we would at least be assured that her literature is grammatically correct.


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