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Jason Kenney puts on his black hat.

Friday, April 17th, 2020

Just when you start to think Alberta premier Jason Kenney is not such a bad guy, he drops a political stink bomb. He says his province can ignore our federal health professionals and do whatever they want. And just the other day, I was saying how good the cooperation is between our federal and provincial leaders. Kenney’s old self took over.

If that blowhard Ford in Ontario can get along with the feds these days, what is sticking in Kenney’s craw? We were thinking he was a good Joe the other day when he shared some surplus personal protective gear with other provinces. The Alberta health care people had seen what was coming and had the good sense to stock up. They have also done a better job on testing for the coronavirus. Albertans are in nowhere near the mess we are in here in Ontario and Quebec.

So why does Kenney have to go back to being a noisy schmuck? The last thing our health care experts, for the feds or provinces, need is someone on the sidelines dissing their efforts. These people are being stretched to the limit these days and they really need our encouragement and cooperation.

Who does Kenney think he is? Donald Trump!

What Kenney does not realize is that many millions are being spend around the world today on possible solutions to the virus. Other health conditions are being set aside as the pandemic takes precedence. You can be very sure if there is a breakthrough on any aspect of covid-19, the federal health people will be informed and they will pass it on to all the provincial ministries. And just as soon as it is available, your health people will have what they need.

All Jason Kenney is doing by what he is saying is setting up Alberta’s health agency to be inundated with every crackpot idea and unfunded research proposal. They really have more important things to do.


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The lost year.

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

It was when sitting through the excruciating ignorance of a Donald Trump briefing with his Gong Show covid-19 crew that it occurred to me. With this kind of leadership in the U.S., the country will be lucky to be out of the woods before Christmas, 2020. North Americans still have most of a lost year ahead of us. And here was forecaster-in-chief Trump telling the American audience that there could be a turn-around by Easter!

I have an image in mind of a republican senator sitting reading a report on the numbers of constituents who are dying of covid-19. He, or she, is asking: ‘Why didn’t I impeach when I had a chance?’

But we still have close to a year of pain to endure. We could be on the backside of the first wave of the disease by summer. How many months will we need to physically impede a second wave from causing more deaths. And what about the possibility of a third wave?

Of course, the optimists among us are hoping for a vaccine. You do not want to tell these people that we have not even come up with a vaccine for SARS yet. Vaccines take a lot of time and patience and many failures along the way. There is a remarkable world-wide effort at this time but in the meantime, the disease is running its course. Let’s just try to stay out of its way.

The last time a virus of this type ran rampant around the world was the Spanish flu (H1N1) that killed indiscriminately from the First World War until into the mid 1920s. The reason the U.S. was so ill prepared at that time, was the war was not yet over and there was no national direction to the effort to fight the disease. With about a third of the population catching the disease in Canada, 50,000 Canadians died. In the U.S. (where the disease is believed to have its start) it killed 675,000.

What the U.S. is once again showing the world is that a poorly co-ordinated, irrational response to the disease is not the answer.

And do not even bother to replace common sense with make-believe surgical masks. The only non-medical personnel who need masks are the people who are showing symptoms of covid-19 and are on the way to get medical help.


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