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Trump battles grief and the ocean tides.

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

As though commanding the ocean tide, the imperial Donald Trump continues his petulant arguments about his electoral college defeat by Joe Biden. No doubt his efforts to nullify the election are just another step in a life of dishonesty and delusion.

But Trump is still in the denial stage. With two months to go before he must vacate the White House, there is little time for him seek revenge on the democrat replacing him. Firing faltering supporters might satisfy him briefly but there is little time left for any loyal replacements. Or, maybe the question is, are there many loyal ones left?

What is impossible to say is what the stages of grief are for a person such as Donald Trump. While he is still in the denial stage, the question is will he move on to a stage such as anger? Or does anger override all the symptoms of his loss?

Trump has certainly been on a high for the past four years. The loss of his position is not supposed to be as serious as a loss of someone close to him. There just does not seem to be anyone close to him that he would care as much about.

This guy is not going to settle for just being called ‘Mr. President’ for the rest of his life. He wants to keep the power. While he might attempt it, there is a bargaining stage to grief but this is a man who is above that. He does not bargain, not with the Devil nor God, nor any democrat.

And it is hardly likely that author Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was thinking of the same situation when she wrote about death, dying and grieving. We cannot be sure but it is highly unlikely that Mr. Trump concurs. He would deny he is grieving. He would most likely prefer to get even.

What he is left with at this time are the stages of depression and acceptance. Frankly, he already seems depressed. It is just that he would have no idea of how to reach the stage of acceptance.


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Emperor Trump is naked.

Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Does it take a child to recognize what we all know about Emperor Trump? If he parades before the world, naked, unadorned with privilege or power? Will he be the fool and will he make fools of his supporters?

But Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is the day leading to discovery. It is when all will be revealed. It is the day when we will all start to find out if the emperor has no clothes.

With his hair spun of gold, his over-long red tie and his long black coat, we shall know him. And yet we see him as we want to see him. He has not been your traditional president for the United States of America. And will he go quietly into the history of the city of monuments on the Potomac River?

And what will be his monument? Is it the chains of those seeking sanctuary in an America of freedom and opportunity? Or do we still honour the America of the shuttered Colossus of New York Harbour?

Does he let the pandemic defeat him? Do the deaths of thousands of Americans weigh on him? Or can he just scoff at the novel coronavirus? Can he ridicule the science? Can he promise succor to Americans? Is a vaccine just around the corner? Would even a child believe for a minute such foolish promises?

And what of his threats? Are we hearing his threats of mayhem and reprisal if he should lose? And just who would carry out those threats? In a nation of guns, can he really threaten civil war? Would fools seek to do his bidding? Will a supreme court—that is now his creature—going to listen to his complaints?

Just how far has this world come in the year 2020? We will take measure in the weeks ahead.


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The old guy won.

Friday, October 23rd, 2020

Did I miss anything? I fell asleep late in last night’s debate. The only thing I feel confident about is that the old guy won. From what I saw, it was questionable as to whether anybody cared?

What was really questionable was who was behind those cameras last night? Why was Donald Trump better lit and slightly larger in that fixed double shot? He certainly had better make-up. He always has better make-up. Does he ever go anywhere today with out full make-up and his hair colored and lacquered to his head?

But does everybody really understand just what those guys were arguing about?  Donald Trump looked slightly healthier while opponent Joe Biden looked a little washed out. He looked more amused than confused when Donald Trump was trying to talk over the moderator.

Just once I wanted to hear a moderator tell the president of the United States of America to shut-up. It did not happen.

What puzzled me the most was the arcane arguments these guys were having over something to do with money. Is it okay to suggest someone is a thief if they are running for president?

With 40 million Americans having already voted, we know few of those people will want to change their vote.

With less that two weeks to election day, there is more to come. We know that whomever loses, there will be long-winded claims of cheating, voter suppression, foreign interference and multiple voting. It would hardly be an American election without these claims.

Though this is one American election where you really wish the majority of the public opinion polls were right. And, as they used to say at the end of a Star Trek episode: “Make it so.”


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You don’t get much for US$650,000.

Sunday, October 18th, 2020

When they hustled president Donald Trump off to Walter Reed medical center a couple weeks ago, there were questions about whether he had covid-19 or not. Many wondered why vice-president Pence was not on standby to take over for an ‘incapacitated’ president? All we know is that a cantankerous Trump was returned to the White House at an estimated cost of about $650,000, including helicopter transport.

And the amazing part is that the expensive treatment at Walter Reed has all been debunked as useless in large studies. All we know is that for the next week, Mr. Trump sounded like he was getting over a bout of laryngitis. He was as nasty as ever.

The key to his survival, according to the doctors at Walter Reed, was the wonder drug Remdisivir. This wonder drug has been debunked by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO study involved some 11,000 patients and was found to have no effect on covid-19 patients.

This was similar to the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine that the president had been telling people he was taking. This drug also failed to have any benefits in larger studies.

But we have the irrepressible Mr. Trump, unmasked and preaching to the unmasked across America that the pandemic is no big deal. After all, he tells them, he expects a miracle vaccine before election day and America will be great again.


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The insecure Donald Trump.

Monday, October 12th, 2020

Look at that son-of-a-bitch standing up there on the Truman balcony of the White House. Thinking about it, you wonder why this boor would insult every previous president of the United States of America by using the White House so irrespectively. And then you smile. You know why. He is afraid of losing.

This guy is in fear of losing. He would do anything. He would try anything. He desperately wants that second term. And the guy’s not stupid. He is a lot of things. Stupid is not included.

What confuses people is that he lies so much. He appears to live in a fantasy world that would believe him. It used to be one of the things that confused me about his followers. They know he lies. They seem to be alternately acknowledging the lies and being amused by them.

Talking to an American university professor the other day who voted for Trump four years ago, he admitted that he was not going to vote for him this time. He has had enough of Trump.

But then he told me, he was not going to vote for the other bastards either. This shows the real problem. American politics has grown so corrupt over the years that people are now believing everything they are told about how corrupt it has become. Both sides are to blame. And until, people start to get serious about cleaning up the mess, nothing is going to change.

A friend on Canada’s wet coast told me the other day that democracy is nothing other than the governance with the consent of the governed. I am still thinking about that and other delusions about democracy.

What really scares me about Trump is that he does not even believe in democracy. He envies his friend Vladimir Putin in Russia. Trump wants a fascist regime. Give him four more years and he has got it.


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The wondrous recovery of Donald Trump.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

You have got to hand it to the boys and girls over at Walter Reed military hospital. They had a cure ready for their leader when he needed it. How many do you know who have suffered from the coronavirus and told you that there is no need to fear a disease that has already killed more than 200,000 Americans?

It just goes to show you that Donald Trump is invulnerable. No silly masks for the Trumpster. He can laugh in the face of a deadly illness. Did you see the number of medical personnel getting the credit for this miraculous cure and taking their bows outside the army hospital?

Fie on me for suggesting that the president’s little bout with a fever might be a faux covid-19.  All along, these intrepid military medicos had the secret to a cure in their back pocket. It is a shame they are not prepared to share the secret of that cure with those countrymen and women suffering more seriously.

But Trump is back in the White House and the stock markets are rising. Just wait until the next presidential debate, He will teach that upstart Joe Biden not to call him a clown! He will teach him not to try to talk over him when he has so much to say.

But there are other questions to be answered. How is Melania? Is the first lady feeling better? Or looking better?

And what about all those White House insiders who might have got inside the coronavirus? Are they going to get the same miracle cure as the president?

Did you see the clips of the president taking a victory lap around Walter Reed hospital in an armoured SUV? It was hard to tell how he looked as he waved at the admiring crowds.

And here you were thinking the real miracle would be in getting Trump re-elected?


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The shaming of America.

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

The quality of entertainment in America has gone down hill. By no stretch of the term ‘debate’ does one refer to an opponent as ‘that clown.’ Despite this egregious error, former vice-president Joe Biden came out of the first contact with Donald Trump with his game plan intact and looking like a potential winner.

The moderator won the argument with Mr. Trump about the environment. This was the unexpected subject and one wherein Mr. Trump made few interruptions. Trump came across as defensive and ill prepared. He had been thrown off his game plan.

Mr. Biden had a few good zingers in his plan but was a bit off-stride in the early going. He did not seem prepared for just how far Trump would go to try to take the debate away from him. At first, no subject was safe.

At one point it appeared as though the former vice-president was prepared to walk out on the debate. That would have been pointless and proved nothing. It would have helped Mr. Trump.

And there was no point in making the case that Mr. Trump was a rude and ignorant opponent. That was there for all to see.

It will be interesting to see the drop off in viewers of the next two debates.

But I cannot see anything helpful in beating on this event.


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I am ANTIFA and proud of it.

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Donald Trump and his fascist supporters in the United States have been complaining about the antifascist and the radical left causing the recent troubles in the U.S.A. Listening to that guy complain about the antifascists and the radical left can make me feel warm and loved all day. Where he got the term antifa from is my only question?

I have been part of the radical left since my early days in politics. My only problem is that I cannot find a truly radical-left-wing group to join in Canada today. I think there were more of us when I first joined Canada’s liberal party. One of my first projects for the party was helping produce the Liberal Action monthly paper.

There were those who laughed at the effort but Medicare was one of the elements of left-wing policy that we successfully pushed. I remember the distain right-wing liberals such as Mitch Sharpe showed for my efforts. Yet, in the long run, it was Medicare that won.

More recently it was the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) that appealed to us on the left. We saw CERB as a first step towards a guaranteed annual income for Canada. At the next meeting of the federal liberals in Canada (hopefully after the pandemic is over) we should see a strong push by both the parliamentary wing and the rank and file to make Pharmacare and a guaranteed annual income liberal party policy.

But listening to Trump extoll the virtues of ‘antifa’ is really heart warming. I guess he refers to us as antifa because he realizes that there might be lots of Americans who also disapprove of fascism. As part of the radical left, I try not to frighten young children with it. The only fascism that the world has really seen in action was in an Italy, Germany, Romania, and in Spain during the last century. I mention the four examples because all the regimes failed.


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The Legacy of Donald Trump.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

This might become a game people can play after post-pandemic dinner parties. The simple question is “What, in your view, is the nature of the of the legacy of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America?” And it might be wise to restrict answers to 25 words or less.

It is likely much too early to start playing the game before January 20, 2021. Every time you are under the impression that the guy has done the ultimate, he does more. Did we even believe what was happening at the 2016 GOP convention? Could we really have forecast his actions over the past four years? Have we really kept tract of all the lies he has told his followers?

My favourite answer at this time is the help Mr. Trump has provided in restoring democracy in America. This might puzzle a few people but it is less oblique than his serial killing of more than 200,000 Americans by his denial of the coronavirus.

America used to have a measure of democracy that it could boast about around the world. Mr. Trump has driven holes in that bragging. He has denied the promise of the New Colossus in New York Harbour. He built a wall against the people to the south and used trade as a hammer with which to attack those of the north.

He brazenly used enemies of his people to help him overcome their democracy. Rather than enrich his people with trade, he mounted trade wars to use them as unwilling soldiers in his wasted wars.

Donald Trump might not have been the most innovative of presidents but he was proactive. His legacy is one we can long remember.


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The Death of Democracy in America.

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

It is sad to watch democracy die. The more we see. The more we hear. The more we understand is happening south of the Canada-U.S. border, the more our concern grows.

And why are we only watching? Mr. Trump’s friend Vladimir Putin is actively supporting this demolition of what once was the bastion of freedom in the Americas. The Chinese wrote off the Trump regime as a worthy ally or foe after few attempts at partnering.

The Chinese now treat Canada as but a Quisling to a corrupt regime in Washington. And the vaunted open border between the long-time allies remains closed to the careless denial of the Corona pandemic by the Trump white house.

But did America not bring on this low point in history on itself? Or is it just the end of times as foretold in the Book of Revelation?

Is the colour of one’s skin the determiner of opportunity? Can a nation for long bar the gates to enter its realm? Does a wall make you safe? And from what dangers?

Can an autocrat declare this or that religion safe to proselytize in the land of the free? And in a land of free speech, who speaks the truth?

And is it just the Beast who speaks the truth of America?  Can constant lies hold sway over so many believers?

Philanderer, egomaniac, narcissist, you betray the Americans who call you Commander-in-Chief. You seek to suppress a free vote. You betray the very origin of America.


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