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The grief of greed.

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Many people share the blame for the shooting down of Ukraine International Airline Flight 752 over Iran. It is not the first time a civilian airliner has been brought down while carrying out its business.

But what business, other than greed, takes a civilian airliner into a threatening war zone?

There have been many stories written over the years about the last flight from somewhere when the clouds of war were looming. And there is never enough room for the foolhardy who want passage. It makes for impassioned farewell scenes in the movies to be made. It makes for the hollowness in the heart for the loved-ones who are lost to us.

But the commercial greed of the people running the airline gets included in the long lists of people we can blame for the incident. In the Tehran event, you can start with the ineptness of that fool American president Donald Trump. Any distraction will do while he fights off the efforts to impeach him.

Blame the sour disposition of those theocrats who oppress the Iranian people. They are living in the past and, as such, represent a danger to the entire world. They need our help to become a productive part of the 21st Century.

You can blame Canada’s boy prime minister who can say he is furious and not be credible. Anger is not in the language of diplomacy. He promised us four years ago that relations with Iran would be restored. You cannot have a dialogue unless you have the mechanics of communication in place. You cannot help unless you are there.

After the Air India bombing in June of 1985, over the Atlantic, Canadians should have a better understanding that anger and poor communication are a bad mix. We are hardly strangers to the sorrow.


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Politics of Oligarchs.

Saturday, January 11th, 2020

In an interesting opinion piece, recently, the Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt said that both Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau had to reinvent their respective parties to win election. Neither liked the parties they were taking over in their search for power.

Similar to Donald Trump in the United States, they changed the parties to their needs. Trump now has a slavish republican party to do his bidding. It would appear that Stephen Harper forgot to leave the keys for Andrew Scheer. Justin Trudeau is already reaping the results of his errors with the liberals.

Harper’s process of changing the conservatives was slower and more methodical. You can be sure that Harper wanted nothing to do with the former Mulroney party but he first had to be confident he had wrested the Reform Party from Preston Manning. He got his top-down party off the ground but still only won a minority in 2006. It took until 2011 for Harper to get the party he wanted and he was the oligarch. Power only went to those selected by Harper.

In the meantime, Justin Trudeau cashed in on the sentiments for his father in the liberal party—winning a seat in parliament in a tough Quebec riding and going on the road with his ‘Selfie’ tour. He found that a picture with him was more important to party members than the obligatory speech.

But after the party chose him leader in 2013, he started to put his seal on the party. He did away with party memberships and started the stream of e-mails requesting money from his followers. He also declared that there were no longer any liberal senators, cutting himself off from a depth of knowledge into the party, its fund raising, its functions and its history. He just milked his flock for money.

While Trudeau had to play catch-up with Harper’s conservatives, he made sure that the liberals also had the modern marketing plans, the technology and the more sophisticated ground game that was essential in a party that was losing adherents.

Harper paved the way for the power of the oligarchy based in the prime minister’s office. Trudeau showed how to abuse it. It works for a while, but leaves a bitter taste in the ridings.


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The terrors of Trump’s testosterone.

Monday, January 6th, 2020

You never know what you will read in the Economist. Just the other day I was reading about the lower levels of testosterone in modern American males. Despite the changes in diet and the higher levels of male obesity, this is probably good news for the Me-too movement. Let’s face it: Modern men are wusses.

Except Donald Trump. The president is old school. He used to brag about grabbing what he wanted, whenever he wanted some. It sounded more like locker-room talk than civilized discourse between gentlemen. The difference was that he paid for his wants and ladies who did not like his advances or tired of them, seemed to have the opportunity to leave a bit richer. As some ladies have been heard to note: He might be a pig but he can be a generous pig.

Like it or lump it, this pig is more equal than other pigs (according to George Orwell and some republican senators).

But as men age, their testosterone levels tend to lower. Donald Trump is a septuagenarian. He might not be up to the game quite the way he used to be. And that can make some older men cranky. In fact, Mr. Trump might be the crankiest American president in U.S. history.

Just look at Trump the other day when he, in a fit of pique, so gleefully sanctioned an Iranian general. The Donald was so happy, he was embarrassing the boys and girls at the Pentagon and enraging the professionals at Foggy Bottom (U.S. foreign affairs headquarters). Wouldn’t you rather he just took a Viagra?

There is no way of telling where Trump’s next excursion into foreign affairs might lead him. He just sent thousands more troops to the Middle East. Their only problem is that their leaders have absolutely no idea just who they are there to fight.


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Only the brave make predictions.

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

People love to make predictions as we start a new year. I was laughing at a particularly amusing one the other day by a Toronto Star writer, Tony Burman. He was predicting that Donald Trump would resign from the presidency and get a pardon from incoming president Mike Pence. All that prediction proved was that Mr. Burman does not understand Mr. Trump.

Not that many of us do understand Donald Trump. He is not exactly rational in his behaviour. In fact, he is the most irrational of all the American presidents. He always reminds me of the Forrest Gump philosophy about life being like a box of chocolates. You never know when you are going to get one that is nuts.

But we must acknowledge that Mr. Trump is not going to sit still for a process that forces him to resign and be beholden to that guy Pence for saving him from persecution. In fact, the very idea of Mike Pence following him as president would curl the Donald’s hair.

Trump would be fully prepared to fight any legal attacks after he leaves the presidency down to his last billion dollars. His only problem would be his family trying to have him declared incompetent before he wastes all of their inheritance. Be warned, anyone who wants to take on Trump before the courts needs to have billions to waste on lawyers and ten years to spare. And do you really think the American supreme court is made up of those democratically inclined?

I agree that Dick Nixon had no alternative but to get a pardon before leaving the White House. People really were out to get him. Tricky Dick was caught bare handed and bare faced. He belonged in jail more than any of his party plumbers. The difference between Nixon and Trump is that Nixon knew his limits. Trump thinks he is omnipotent.


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‘You’re a mean one,’ Mr. Trump.

Wednesday, December 25th, 2019

It is a surprise that nobody has taken that novelty Christmas song about the Dr. Seuss character who did not like the Who having Christmas and simply substituted ‘Mr. Trump’ for ‘Mr. Grinch.’

But here it is Christmas and it is the proper thing to find something nice to talk about. We simply cannot have Grinchy topics over our turkey dinner. It would not be appropriate. And it could cause indigestion.

So, we have searched hard and long and we finally found something nice to say about Mr. Trump. He might be a greedy bugger but his greed is paying off for me. Have you seen the stock market recently?

I think I finally got some improved earnings in a surprisingly robust market. It is my first substantial raise in earnings in the last 30 years. I used to think I had the anti-Midas touch when it came to the stock market. Anything I touched immediately changed to dust.

You really got to hand it to that slimy bastard Trump. He insults world leaders, toys with despots, defies Congress and scares the Fed. He thinks he can bully the bankers to keep down interest rates.

And it worked, we have a hot market heading for the election in the United States in November 2020. After that, all bets are off. All that Trump is focussed on is getting re-elected. A hot market up to then can help him.

He promised those dummies who supported him that he would make America great again. So far it has been fabulous for multi-millionaires and not-so-bad for us retirees. (And I’m only really getting the spillover to the Canadian market.)

But as a consequence, he has also got more people working in America and he has had to cool it on the trade wars because it finally got through to him that trade wars stifle growth.

Mind you, don’t let the Christmas spirit get you saying anything you might regret next year. Americans still have to get rid of that cretin Trump next November.


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In a divided America.

Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

Where else would the GOP be? But sitting on Donald Trump’s knee.

The symbiotic relationship involved defies logic. Donald Trump, his followers and the republican party are bound together at the hip. They need each other and they deserve each other. And do not use logic to try to split them asunder.

It is an alliance of red necks and manipulators wallowing in their mutual ignorance. They know only where they have been and not where they are going. It is Christers and the unchurched rabble drinking their Trumpian Kool-Aid. It is self-immolation in a once-powerful nation.

And what does it gain them? The right to Hail Trump!

Trump’s impeachment is like the Crucifixion. All Hail to Trump!

Donald Trump never was a republican. Hail the wisdom of Trump!

Trump never showed any tax returns. Hail the sanctity of Trump!

He never wasted his time in church. Hail the righteousness of Trump!

Donald Trump is always rallying his troops. They give him the reassurance and strength to carry on his fight for a nation that panders to the rich and powerful. Trump followers do not believe everything that Donald Trump tells them. He is Trump, he is omnipotent and a Trump can tell lies and it does not matter.

It is alright for a Trump to hate Muslims. The churches tell us that Christ loved us all. Donald Trump, as the Antichrist, can hate anybody who displeases him. He hates people who defy him. He hates people who try to explain things to him. He hates people who ridicule him. He has many people to hate.

But he is spending this Christmas holiday at his resort in Florida. It is a time when people ask their God for peace on earth and goodwill towards others. He is busy strategizing his role for when the impeachment process moves to the Senate. Even Emperor Trump needs to take a few days off for golf, contemplation and bacchanalia.


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There has to be a pony in there.

Saturday, December 7th, 2019

You cannot have all that cast-off material from a barnyard without a pony in there somewhere. The speech-from-the-throne writers must have figured that if you have to use weasel words, you might as well use a lot. So, if you could stand one more reading of that speech, that the governor general struggled so gamely through, please tell us where it is taking this country?

The most positive thing that the prime minister has done this past week, was to comment on the American president’s presumptuousness. And here, all this time, I would have assumed there was respect for the sanctity of the pre-dinner cocktail gathering—at Buckingham Palace for God’s sake! Next thing we know, the media will be following the world leaders into the washrooms!

But I doubt that the prime minister did himself any damage making fun of the American president. In fact, I would bet that his overall approval rating by Canadians has gone up a few degrees.

I would certainly not say that for ‘Chuckles’ Scheer. He must think he is on permanent ‘attack dog’ duty, as leader of her majesty’s loyal opposition to the liberal minority. And for Singh of the NDP to make it a duet defaming the throne speech, is just ludicrous.

Why doesn’t somebody tell those two that the election is over and everyone has to catch their breath, beg for more money from their benefactors and plan ahead. To rush pell-mell into an ill-considered election will hardly solve their parties’ leadership problems.

And why would those guys want to make the point to Canadians that the leader of the Bloc Québécois just might be the smartest politician in that troubled house of commons.

Frankly this situation reminds me more of the Joe Clark government in 1979 than anything more recent. The Clark people could not count and it cost them a government. It makes you wonder if school teacher Justin Trudeau ever taught any mathematics?


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Trump’s Triumph?

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

It will only be after someone translates the French word “merde” for him that Donald Trump will really know what the audience of world leaders thought of his plans for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Trump’s triumph this week is the meeting of the organization in England to celebrate its 70 years of protecting the world with truth and justice, in the American way.

If Brexit goes through as planned, this could be the last time that the United Kingdom will play host or any meaningful role in NATO,. Trump even had the chance to be fêted by the Queen the other day as sort of a farewell gesture. (Would that the Americans could rid themselves of him so easily.)

But Trump’s bête noire, French president Emmanuel Macron, will still be belittling the importance of NATO to annoy him. He and that kid from Canada (with his snide remarks) seem to be there just to make life difficult for the Trump-in-chief. It is assumed though that Trump made no more threats to pull the U.S. out of the alliance.

They would be luckier if Turkey made the same threat. A resignation from that quarter would certainly be accepted. Turkey’s president Erdogan thinks he can keep one foot in Russia and the other in Europe and that is not sitting well with his NATO allies. It seems Erdogan has recently bought an air defence system from Russia and nobody has figured it out yet if it is to fight off the Kurds, the Syrians, the Ukrainians or the Americans?

Turkey’s allies might baulk at the idea of rushing to the defence of Turkey, when it’s overrun by the Kurds.

Trump must be having fantasies about his triumphant return to Washington, such as entering the city with Macron in chains, dragged along behind the Trump chariot.

But like Julius Caesar, Trump might be misreading the “lean and hungry look” of the Democrats and miscounting the number of Republican impeachment knives ready to do him in.


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Gunfighter versus Gunfighter.

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

It’s a classic Hollywood film script. The ‘good’ gunfighter has to buckle on his six-gun just one more time to take on the ‘bad’ gunfighter. Whether the ‘bad’ guy is coming in on the noon train or waiting down behind the livery barn, there is always a lot of worrying and fretting by the town folk.

And all you have to do is substitute billionaire for gunfighter and you have the current situation in the good-old U.S. of A. It is multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg pitting his billions against Donald Trump’s billions to see who spends the next four years running things from the White House.

It has come to who wants to spend the most money. The expert at this is actually Bloomberg. He spent hundreds of millions on his three self-financed campaigns for the New York mayoralty, while his wealth kept growing by the billions. And when you are among the 15 richest people in the world, what’s another 100 million dollars?

Compared to Bloomberg, Trump might be considered just a petty grifter who bamboozled his way to a few billion.

The serious difference is that Bloomberg built his empire on his skills as a security broker with high technology smarts and a sense of what the business audience really needs: timely news and information.

In practice, Michael Bloomberg is considered more of a right-wing liberal, than a social conservative. He seems to be able to live with abortions and same sex marriages but some of his business-oriented solutions to social issues, while mayor of New York, came to unhappy endings. He has been both Republican and Democratic and is quite independent. And with the money he has to spend, why not?

He is only a year younger than Bernie Sanders but obviously better preserved. You can be sure he would not want Bernie Sanders on the Democratic ticket with him. That would be unless his pollsters told him he needed more credibility on Medicare.

But it has come to this, ladies and gentlemen. One presidency is up for auction. Gone once, gone twice, sold to the gentleman at the back of the room with $58 billion to spend.


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With no respect for the U.S.A.

Sunday, November 24th, 2019

Every once in a while, it seems necessary to mention Donald John Trump. He is a man who has taken on the presidency in the United States of America. It has been a destructive act. He did it because he could. A corrupt system of governance allowed him to purchase the presidency. And based on his usual business practices, he did it on the skinny, with trickery and malice. If for no other reason, Americans should be embarrassed that they rented out the White House, as a four-year AirBnB, so cheaply.

There is nothing special about this man. His business practices are questionable. His relations with people are deplorable. He buys what he wants from women.

And what kind of president is he? This man has a grade school understanding of economics. He has a comic book understanding of foreign relations. His social skills are limited and crude. Treaties and pacts and agreements between countries are meaningless to him. They are but the thinnest of tissue to be discarded after use.

And his voters hardly understand that he is harming America’s reputation around the world. They do not care. He promises to make America great—just for them.

But what else is he doing for them?

There are the threatening clouds of carbon from oil, coal and gas consumption continuing to darken our earth. The raging fires of forests, the dreaded tornadoes of the wind-swept prairies, the hurricanes sweeping the coasts are but the tempests of a wounded nature. Why should he care if the end of days for our earth is 50 or 100 years from now? He knows it will not be his problem.

That can be the mantra of all Trump supporters. “It’s not our problem” they can chant in unison. It seems to be what America says to the world all the time: ‘It’s not my problem.’


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