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The Death of Democracy in America.

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

It is sad to watch democracy die. The more we see. The more we hear. The more we understand is happening south of the Canada-U.S. border, the more our concern grows.

And why are we only watching? Mr. Trump’s friend Vladimir Putin is actively supporting this demolition of what once was the bastion of freedom in the Americas. The Chinese wrote off the Trump regime as a worthy ally or foe after few attempts at partnering.

The Chinese now treat Canada as but a Quisling to a corrupt regime in Washington. And the vaunted open border between the long-time allies remains closed to the careless denial of the Corona pandemic by the Trump white house.

But did America not bring on this low point in history on itself? Or is it just the end of times as foretold in the Book of Revelation?

Is the colour of one’s skin the determiner of opportunity? Can a nation for long bar the gates to enter its realm? Does a wall make you safe? And from what dangers?

Can an autocrat declare this or that religion safe to proselytize in the land of the free? And in a land of free speech, who speaks the truth?

And is it just the Beast who speaks the truth of America?  Can constant lies hold sway over so many believers?

Philanderer, egomaniac, narcissist, you betray the Americans who call you Commander-in-Chief. You seek to suppress a free vote. You betray the very origin of America.


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So, who wants an election?

Monday, September 7th, 2020

Americans do it every four years. Canadians sometimes do it more often. We are talking about federal elections here. Americans have never seen one like this one: the vote seems all locked down two months before the actual election. Given that intention and the determination of the voters, Donald Trump should be out on his ass in just two months.

There is a ‘maybe’ in that statement. It takes almost three months for the transition from one president to the next anyway. And what if Trump baulks? He likes being president. What happens if all his supporters do vote twice?

And what happens in Canada if the liberals and conservatives have a tie? Do we have to settle for the prime minister the Bloc, the NDP and the greens choose?

Maybe in Canada we have to wait and see what Justin Trudeau’s liberals have in mind on which to spend money. One thing for sure, the conservatives have never saved us much, as they seem to like giving all the tax breaks to their rich friends.

The rule of thumb is that you never worry about how much a government wants to spend until they scare the bond rating services. The opposition are just fear-mongering.

Many people are looking forward to just how green this new liberal program will be. It will hardly matter though if Trudeau does not dump the TransMountain pipeline that is being twinned to carry three times the amount of oil sands bitumen over the Rockies.

The one thing for sure is that there will be much sabre rattling about an election on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border until we hear this new liberal plan.


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What would make Mr. Trump smile?

Friday, September 4th, 2020

Have you noticed how dour the U.S. president is looking in all his recent pictures? The guy has forgotten how to smile. The only time we saw him smirk, even a little, was during that disgusting scene on the south lawn of the White House when his hand-picked audience where screaming: ‘Four more years!

Do you think Mr. Trump is worried about how he is going to deliver on that four more years? He was hardly out on top of the polls four years ago at this time either, And all us pundits of the left, right and centre were writing him off as a lost cause. What we saw was a lack of discipline. We saw the lack of dedication among his supporters.

And why would we suspect a guy who spends his hours of insomnia writing stupid claims in Twitter to have any possibilities? Why would any self-respecting republican want to vote for a sociopath? Isn’t this guy in denial over covid-19? He brushes it off. Isn’t that what we would all like to do?

As a Canadian, I agree with Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star. I think Mr. Trump has a thing for Canada. He does not like that young twirp of a prime minister we have. He thinks he is rude. He sees our daily two-billion in trade across the Canada-U.S. border as living off U.S. largesse.

Maybe he was not able to make as much as he thought he should off that Trump Tower in Toronto?

But, no matter how much Mr. Trump has it in for Canada, we would be much better off than Americans if Trump wins in November. Trump would put the racial tensions in America into high gear with his ‘law and order campaign. In a pandemic, voter suppression would be easy if you control the post office.

Whether we live above or below the Canada-U.S. border, we have to all be very concerned about the U.S. election. We have much at stake.


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Oh America!

Monday, August 31st, 2020

Watching events on the south side of the White House the other night was traumatic. My American mother had taught all six of her children that the Canada-U.S. border was largely irrelevant. We have all crossed that border so many times throughout out our lifetimes.

It was for our 50th wedding anniversary that I took my wife on a tourist’s tour of Washington. I had been in that city so many times on business over the years, I had never had the opportunity to enjoy it and its monuments as a tourist.

It was on the way back from that trip, during an otherwise pleasant drive through the Appalachians, that I also discovered that New York State still allowed speed traps on its highways to improve the profitability of local municipalities. I have not driven in New York State since.

But as for the abomination on the south lawn of the White House the other day, it was just once more that Mr. Trump has given the bird to America. It reminded me of the images of the Reichstadium in Berlin, when rigged out for rallies by the Nazi youth movement in the late 1930s. Massed flags such as that have always spelled fascism to me.

The worst was having his bottle-blond daughter introduce him. What turned my stomach was her claim that the “The best is yet to come.”

But then the entire show that evening was like staying at a Holiday Inn. You got what you expected.


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The man who cannot tell the truth.

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

It is a puzzling experience in life to have to deal with the reality of a man who is incapable of telling the truth. Listening to this man is like hearing a child fabricate a tale of the penguin who ate the cookies. You listen with a smile, because the child knows his story will entertain his audience instead of inform.

The psychologists tell us he has narcissistic tendencies. Is this not the least of his problems? Self love is relatively harmless, they tell us.

He has no love for the women with whom he ruts. He satisfies his ego.

But if this man thinks he is a leader, where can he lead us? Can he make America great again? Can he not make America great again by tearing it down first? Can he just laugh at global warming?

And can he make enemies of America’s friends and cozy to the enemies of America? Can he satisfy his dislike for those whose color might be different? Can he mistreat the children of those he holds in contempt?

Why does he not listen to the words of those with training, wisdom and experience—who understand the pernicious nature of a pandemic? Can he, with no experience or training—a clown—predict the ending of disease, the time of a vaccine, the use of other cures and simple solutions to prevent the spread?

But always remember: this problem belongs to the United States of America. It is to the embarrassment of the country—once known for its power, its leadership, its industry, its learning.

The only people with the power to make America great again are the voters of America. They can make it happen in November.


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Ford follows mentor Trump.

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

From the low of being booed at the Raptors’ celebration in Toronto last year, Ontario premier Doug Ford feels it is time to hear some applause. After all the exposure he has gotten from the pandemic, he is ready to go on the road again. Like Donald Trump in the U.S., Dougie feeds on the approbation of his sycophants.

Since the province is not yet ready for large crowds of voters to gather and cheer the premier, he is cherry-picking the Covid-19 success stories around the province to keep the media interested. As long as the television reporters are there with their cameras, Dougie considers it a win. That is one thing that he has seen for himself with the daily news appearances at Queen’s Park to report on the pandemic and what might or might not be news. He revels in it.

Trump, conversely, has to have his numbers. It is his followers he needs to see at his rallies. When there were empty seats at his last rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, his campaign organization had to develop a plan for once or twice per day Internet events for his followers. It is the numbers that are critical. That is why his organization requires a ticket for each virtual event attendee.

While Ford is reaping the rewards for listening to the medical experts, Trump is suffering the consequences of his brushing aside the experts in the U.S. Putting vice president Pence in charge of the of the federal committee dealing with the coronavirus was a serious mistake.

The only problem Ford has with his approach is the bad timing. Any lift his approval numbers gained this far ahead of the election could be history when Ontario next goes to the polls. Too often the leader in the polls when the election is called, is not the leader on election day.

But then nobody really thinks that Trump or Ford are really politicians. They really just need someone to pat them on the head and give them an ‘attaboy.’


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Trump’s ‘Far-Left’ Fascism.

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Donald Trump is obviously testing ideas for the November election. One of his claims in the recent Mount Rushmore speech was to complain about the “new far-left fascism” that is intent on “wiping out” American history. While it is obvious that he has never studied political science, to erroneously mix left-wing politics with the right-wing extremism of fascism, he does paint an interesting picture.

Fascism, as launched in 1922 Italy by Benito Mussolini, is really more Mr. Trump’s style. I do not like to say it, but if he wants to rule by decree, hates liberalism, lies a lot and has no coherent program, other than helping his fellow millionaires, he just might lean that way!

But the problem is that ‘fascist’ is a slur you use against people in politics you dislike. It was used after the Second World War by communists to describe anyone who disagreed with their politics.

Before his July 3 speech, Trump was repeatedly using the term “far-left” to describe the democratic party. That was not resonating with his audiences. At best, you might describe the democrats as a middle-of-the-road party but far-left (socialism) would be a stretch.

The last time there were complaints about how far left the democrats had gone was in the New Deal years of Franklin Roosevelt. He is among the most revered of American presidents. He used to laugh at the claims that he was a socialist. He would explain that his wife Eleanor was the socialist in the family.

As for Trump’s complaint that today’s protesters are trying to wipe out American history, he has only himself to blame. From the Women’s March that took place the day after his inauguration, to today, America is seeing a growing unrest.

The country is seething. Protests against police brutality and lack of accountability are growing. The confusion and lack of leadership during the pandemic is targeting the incompetence of the man in the white house. Change is in the political air of America.


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American Lemmings.

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

American supporters of Donald Trump only act like lemmings. Lemmings are rodents that live in northern tundra areas, are very stupid and have about a 12-month life cycle—even if  they survive their natural predators. They are not necessarily suicidal creatures but have been known to fall off cliffs and into the sea when on one of their frequent migrations. That might help you understand why some people think of Trump supporters as lemmings.

Take the other night in Tulsa, Oklahoma. How smart do you have to be to camp out in rain storms and oppressive heat during the week to get a good seat to see your hero? How smart do you have to be to really want to risk catching covid-19? Hell, just before the event, they found some of Mr. Trump’s workers had caught the virus getting the place ready for the faithful.

Did it not give the attendees a clue when people were taking their temperature on the way in? How could they avoid knowing that this event was not endorsed by the American Medical Association?

And why did the man who promised to make America great again, seem so pissed with the low attendance? He took every one of those empty seats as a personal insult.

It reminded me of back in the days in Toronto when we would fill Maple Leaf Gardens for real politicians such as Pierre Trudeau. The secret was that we always invited three times the number of people needed to fill the place.

But we were kind, we would always have a flatbed truck with a sound system on-board for the candidate to address the overflow. That always caught the attention of the media. And the Toronto cops were good sports about it when we blocked Carlton and Church Streets with the overflow.

In fact, the more I think about how long ago that was in the past, some one should tell Donald Trump how far he is behind times.


A small apology: I got complaints yesterday about my poor arithmetic. I was calculating the CERB payments without tax because the student was going back to school as soon as possible. I am embarrassed but any employer who pays minimum wage, that nobody can live on, should be more embarrassed.

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A pandemic is no time to be Tory.

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

You need to be considerate of your conservative friends in these troubled times. You might even think kindly of inviting some conservatives into your circle. Share the lottery of covid-19 with them. They are suffering the conviction of their politics.

Their American hero Donald Trump is scraping the nether regions of the American polls. Our federal conservatives have attracted but a few losers to their leadership contest. The conservative premiers are lining up with the liberal PM. These are sorry Tory times.

And let us not forget the mayor of Canada’s largest city. John Tory seems to be struggling with his conservative ideology during these troubled times. And here is a man who stood so tall just a year ago in feting our basketball Raptors.

We might as well face the facts that the liberals under Justin Trudeau have proved that they are the spending champions. Not since World War II has our government worked the printing presses for money so tirelessly. The Bloc Québécois have been asking for an accounting but it is probably more out of curiosity than any idea that it should embarrass the liberals.

But what does all this sudden money say to conservative supporters? What is all this foolishness about balancing budgets? Why are conservative leaders still talking tax cuts? When this pandemic is over, we are going to have to keep spending to rebuild our economy. Balancing the books will require a long run of a robust economy.

The facts are that despite the seeming neoliberalism of finance minister Bill Morneau, billions more will be needed in infrastructure spending after the pandemic is declared over. And there will be little savings in monies needed to keep the vulnerable in our society alive and well. I am not sure the London School of Economics or any university-level economics course teaches how to spend our way into a better future for all.


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Trump will not go gentle into that good night.

Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Welsh poet Dylan Thomas was talking about older people and death in that often-quoted poem. It is much to far ahead of the election to make a confident prediction but I can cheerfully suggest what might happen when Joe Biden beats Trump in November. When all avenues for dispute are closed, the man child best be carried down the White House driveway and thrown bodily into the street.

There was an excerpt from David Frum’s new book about Trump in the Toronto Star yesterday. I must admit, from the first words I read, I disagreed with the premise of the book. Frum claims that Trump is challenging the very tenets of democracy in America, “perhaps irrevocably.” I would suggest to you that Trump has never bothered with what passes for democracy in the United States. He ignores it.

It is like Mr. Trump’s understanding of truth. It does not seem to exist in his vocabulary. It is for others.

Frum seems to see the on-going corruption of American politics as a class war. It is unlikely that David Frum is a member of the one per cent, but he appears to identify with them. He does not accuse Trump of creating the conditions he exploited to gain power. Trump is a user. He is no politician. He is not even a nice person.

But I was watching the TV news from the United States on that November evening four years ago. You saw the Trump family and it was hard to tell who was the most surprised. Trump has never been a good enough actor to feign that surprise.

In the Frum excerpt, he explains the legal means at Trump’s disposal with which he could have carried out some of his objectives. The fact that nobody seemed to be telling Trump, or if they were, he was not listening, must have thwarted many of Trump’s plans.

A friend called while I was writing this and when I told him what I was writing, he offered to buy me a copy of the book. I was pleased with the offer but explained to him that I always waited for the remaindering of political books. I have never read one that cost me more than $7. That is a good average of what they are worth.


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