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A liberal review of the Vancouver debate.

Monday, January 21st, 2013

This should have been written last night after watching the debate but you would not want to read a diatribe. Do these people have any idea of the etymology of the word “debate”? On a scale of one to ten, this event got a minus-two.

And the persons running the sound system should leave Vancouver tarred, feathered and tied to a pole. Not only was the system echoing the voices but the translations were running at almost the same levels as the original sound and it was extremely difficult to sort them. Seniors trying to listen would have been the first to leave in disgust. Now this was the CBC feed we are talking about. Was any other feed better?

The people in the audience in Vancouver looked very crowded and uncomfortable. It would have been appreciated if viewers could have seen as well as we could only vaguely hear their reactions. And it would have been better if their questions had had some helpful editing.

And do not even ask about the camera work! Where those camera people last-minute volunteers from the audience?

What we really need is for each of these debates is for the audience to vote one of the candidates off the stage at each event. That way, in April, we will be down to a reasonable number and we will have saved some very foolish people from wasting a lot of money. Yesterday would have been a toss-up between lawyers David Bertschi and George Takach being the dumpee. Mind you, the fact that either is in the race shows the breadth of tolerance of liberalism in this country.

Karen McCrimmon could also have served her country better by staying in the military. She seems weary from the trials of this campaign already. Maybe next time, she will give us a better reason for her being in the race.

Deborah Coyne reminds us of when Prime Minister Jean Chrétien first came to Ottawa. He did not speak English then and was much more likeable. Maybe Coyne should never have tried to learn French.

Let’s try to keep Martha Hall Findlay in the race for a while. She adds a certain element to the race. It is called sex appeal. Just do not try to understand her platform.

But Martin Cauchon is no Maurice Chevalier. We can dump him anytime.

While Marc Garneau is still hung up on being an astronaut, he did have more to say for himself than we have heard before. He is probably too right wing but that problem affects most of the field.

Justin Trudeau is sure no Pierre. And his remark about left wingers not being fiscally responsible is going to come back and bite him in the rear one day. The kid needs more practice at this debate business.

He missed it completely when Joyce Murray tried to bring up her stand on legalizing cannabis but it did not seem to go over with the audience either. She obviously had supporters there for her stand on cooperation with the NDP but her opponents were of closed minds. The disappointment with the Vancouver Quadra MP was that the translators were having trouble figuring out what she was saying in French. She has little time left to fix that.

Oh well, there is more to come on these people.


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