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Did Le Pen expect rose petals?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

What did Marine Le Pen president of France’s Front National Party expect? Canadians are hardly about to strew rose petals in her path when she decides to come here and tell us what we are doing wrong. We are open-minded people but we are not particularly interested in people who spread bigotry and fear.

Who does Le Pen think she is, Donald Trump?

Mind you, that seems to be the hard-right wing politician’s thing. Marine Le Pen is a problem for France in that role she rails against immigrants and Syrian refugees alike. She wants to keep France pure. She embarrasses the conservative and the left-wing alike in her own country. And it is why she is being shunned during her holiday in Canada.

No Canadian politician of any stripe is eager to be seen with Le Pen. Even Pierre-Karl Péladeau has denounced her and her political views. He has little choice. While he might have been impressed with the Front National during his years of living high in Paris on the Péladeau family fortune, he is now the leader of a mainly left-wing Parti Québécois. It would never do for him to be seen hob-knobbing with the likes of right-wing Le Pen.

The best we can do for Le Pen as a tourist is to point out some of the excellent restaurants she will find while visiting Quebec City and Montreal. We would also point out to her that some of the most interesting nightlife in Quebec City is in the western suburbs such as the Sainte-Foy area.

One of the Canada’s federal politicians who might have found a conversation with Marine Le Pen interesting is Canada’s Minister of Democratic Institutions. In the recent round of regional elections in France Le Pen’s Front National candidates did very well in the first round of voting. They reached as much as 42 per cent of the vote in some areas.

But France, with its two-round voting system, requires a majority to be elected. In the second round of voting, Le Pen’s candidates fell by the wayside as more mainstream candidates won the majority of votes. In some cases more left of centre candidates had stepped aside to ensure that the Le Pen candidates were defeated. And they were.

Minister Maryam Monsef in Ottawa should pay heed.


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It’s hardly like winning the daily double.

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Back in March Babel-on-the-Bay commented on how sad it would be if Pierre-Karl Pèladeau won the Parti Quèbècois leadership in Quebec and Patrick Brown won the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership in Ontario. We need be more careful in what we do not wish for.

Both these men are giants only in their own minds. They won their respective prizes by an average of about 60 per cent of the votes. Both are in their party’s driver seat on sufferance. Neither has ever shown any skills in leadership or in political policy direction. And neither of them has ever shown any political personality. That is not charisma that they have shown Canadians.

Both are the antithesis of what their parties really need. At a time when the separatists in Quebec need a patient, methodical person who can rebuild the Parti Quèbècois in its once left-wing strength, they have a right-wing, self-important individual hell-bent to get to another referendum. In Ontario where the Conservatives needed a compromise candidate who could pull the party’s factions together, they had their membership swamped by people new to the province who had no idea who or what they were supporting. They got a right-wing, right to life candidate who has never accomplished anything.

Parti Quèbècois’ Pierre-Karl Pèladeau is also right wing politically and thinks he can pull together Quebec’s disparate separatists from the political left and the right. And besides that on Tuesday he has to face the Quebec National Assembly in Quebec City in the role of Leader of the Opposition.

Patrick Brown has time to think about that as he will also become Leader of the Opposition at Queen’s Park. All he has to do is find a Conservative member who will resign his or her seat for him to run for election. He already resigned as Member of Parliament for Barrie on Wednesday.

(That did not save Barrie residents from full page, four-colour advertisements in the two local papers wherein Brown congratulated himself for his nine years in Ottawa accomplishing nothing. Mind you, who paid for Brown’s $400,000 worth of PC Ontario memberships is still a far more important question than who paid for his self-aggrandizing advertising?)

It is a simpler question in Quebec because Pierre-Karl can pay his own bills while he still has control of the major news media in the province.

At least Pèladeau will have his “grand coalition” to create an independent Quebec to keep him busy. All the Ontario PC leader has is probably some marathons to run.


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