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When all else fails, bluster.

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

It is so hard to stay away from the farcical race for the White House in the United States of America. It is a writer’s dream. You are being fed a delight of one-liners. The candidate reorganized his campaign again yesterday with the claim that “I have to be me.”

This guy is running a campaign that could have been scripted by Mack Sennett. For the kids, we should explain that Mack Sennett was a Canadian who helped create Hollywood in California. He gave Charlie Chaplin his start in silent movies and was best known for slapstick humour in series such as the Keystone Comedies.

But the GOP candidate has people both laughing and crying. And if you want to feel really sad, just think of him as President of the United States. This guy likes to think of Russian President-for-life Putin as his best friend forever. We should warn the Russian though that this guy changes his mind every other day.

The person we feel sorry for is Hillary Clinton. She will never get a chance to defeat her opponent. He is so busy defeating himself, she can never get a zinger in to denounce him. People are starting to think of her as a mouth breather. She just stands there with her mouth open in amazement.

If Americans have ever needed a serious third candidate for the presidency, the time is now. There are a lot of disheartened and disillusioned Republicans across the United States who are just going out to get drunk on November 8.

Could you imagine the Electoral College if there are hanging chads or other screw ups at the polls in November. They would have to withdraw the Second Amendment from Electors to eliminate the possibility of a shooting war between them.

There is an Internet video doing the rounds that is hilarious. It shows a group of GOP presidency supporters who think they are in a research focus group. They believe they are reviewing what are reputed to be possible TV ads for their candidate. They are absolutely outrageous proposals but the supporters stick to their guns and discuss them as though they are serious.

One of the men in the group does admit that some of the proposals are a bit off the wall but he believes this will be solved. He thinks that as President of the United States, his candidate will gather some intelligent people around him to tell him what to do. This supporter should be advised not to try to hold his breath waiting for that to happen.


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Amigos, meet the elephant.

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

The so-called Three Amigos met in Ottawa this week. It was nothing more than a public relations exercise. Nothing substantive could be resolved. The American, Canadian and Mexican leaders simply tried to ignore the problems their countries face. They certainly did not want to talk about the elephant in the room; Donald Trump.

With Barack Obama finishing his second term this coming January, there was little he could contribute to the meeting—other than rhetoric. (That was the first time we have ever seen a teleprompter used in the House of Commons.) He is out come January and either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump will take over. And the chilling prospect of a possible win by Trump in the American elections is not a warm thought for any of the leaders of the three countries.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had the most to gain in this meeting. With a gross domestic product per capita that is about 20 per cent of each of his northern neighbours, he has the toughest job. In a country noted for corporate corruption, political corruption, police corruption and drug cartels, Mexico’s cheap holidays and cheap labour are not always bargains.

And as a third partner in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexico has the most to benefit from the relations. When political demagogues such as Donald Trump rail against open borders and trade agreements, both Canada and Mexico have reason to be concerned.

The convoluted three-way handshake Justin Trudeau tried to initiate during a photo-op was an excellent example of the relationship between the three countries. Everyone was doing his own thing and all Trudeau could do was hug both of them.

What everyone needs to bear in mind is that Canada and Mexico are very much the junior partners in NAFTA and we are at the mercy of American dominance. For Donald Trump to rail against NAFTA in his speeches shows just how ignorant the man is of the reality. All Canada and Mexico can hope for in NAFTA is a degree of fairness. Both countries are at the mercy of states that pass Buy America and Right to Work (anti-union) laws and the American Congress is complicit.

While Canada can easily sooth the Mexican concerns with this country, Mexico will long remember the walls already built by the U.S. to close out their country. For Trump to say he will have Mexico pay for his wall is not only very silly but a very serious insult.


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“There will be rioting in the streets.”

Friday, March 18th, 2016

It is terrible that Donald Trump cannot seem to find a better playbook for his campaign than that of the Weimar Republic of the 1930s. He is raising spectres that were thought to have died more than 60 years ago. He is causing comparisons with tactics that might have worked in the past but have no place in today’s North America. The man invokes fascism at every twist and turn in his campaign.

Fascism feeds on the anger, bigotry, frustration, ignorance and jingoism of the masses. It can be cruelly manipulated by the uncaring megalomaniac. And who is it that chose this Trump guy to even consider running for President of the United States of America?

Is this a person anyone would trust who threatens rioting at the Republican Convention in July? He is defiant of the democratic process. He has already decided that he is the winner. Yet he is the beloved of the losers, the bikers, the religious fanatics, the extremists. For he, Trump, thinks he is their leader.

Trump wants to be leader of the free world and yet there would be no freedom under him. He preaches the politics of exclusion, hate, distrust and destruction. He wants to build walls against people seeking asylum. He would tear down the world-renowned Statue of Liberty. He would tear up agreements between nations. He would be kept busy by his bigotry. He would foment new hatred and resentment against America around the world.

Trump promotes bigotry over understanding. He thinks violence should replace negotiation. He panders to extremism. He looks down on those who question him.

Any riot during the Cleveland GOP Convention will most likely be of his creation. The only problem is that there are many who will willingly pitch in against Trump’s losers and troublemakers. Democrat Bernie Sanders has shown Americans that there are legions of the American left that will stand up to fascism. Added to that are Cleveland’s own young and unemployed blacks who hate Trump and whose emotions in the heat of the summer will simmer just below the boiling point.

To further escalate matters, Cleveland’s police have ordered 2000 riot outfits to dress their people for the event. Will everyone bring their weapon of choice to see how effective these new suits might be? It could be an event of epic proportions—like a remake of Birth of a Nation.


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